Admit it or not, Everyone believes…even the skeptic.

Can any type of entity enter a home or location if the occupants do not believe in them?

I was asked this question by a “skeptic” co-worker in the E.R.. When I asked her in return as to why she was asking this if she didn’t believe she stated that after watching several movies the question just popped into her head and creeped her out, now she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

This brought up a few observations that I had been thinking about for a while so I decided to write this article. I would like to go over these before I answer the question.

First, many people say they do not believe in ghosts or hauntings but follow up by saying that of the lived in a haunted house they would move out right away.
So I then asked them if they do not believe then what would they be afraid of? I then bring up the theory of energy, that it can never be destroyed only changed into other forms. The majority said that they agree with that theory and that they do believe there are basic good and bad in the world.

I then asked if they agreed that the human brain/conscious and it body/organs were comprised of energy what happens to that energy when we die? If the theory is correct then that energy when released as we pass must transform and go somewhere. They agreed with that but could not come up with a explanation of what would happen to that energy.

I then proposed that the energy does go out into nature or possibly another dimention. I then went a little further and proposed that if energy can change forms then as spirits and entities are considered to be made of and feed off of energy then why couldn’t our life energy/consciousness change and manifest as a spirit? and with that in mind, if energy is never ending and could then theoreticly have been on this planet since the Big Bang could that energy be intelligent and manifest as an entity that has never been in the form of a living person or creature but has existed in its basic form, pure non-corporial energy, intelligent and with the ability manifest itself as a postive or negative non human entity, traveling thru the millenia with the ability to interact with the corporial world at will, settling into a location, attaching itself to a person that suits its fancy.

As examples of the ways these non-corporial entities manifest, I submitted the following…
We can hear music and people talking over the radio, just like we can hear EVPs captured on out electronic devices, or energy manifesting itself in nature as static electricity build up until if forms lightning or as a picture appearing on your TV, or as we capture on camera such as Rods, Orbs(the 2% that are not dust bugs or moisture), partial and full apparitions. And sometimes the energy released by a person or persons that become embeded into the geological formations that are released over and over and play back like a recording on a dvd set to repeat.

Second, Those that use what I call “Plausable Deniability”. A prime example of this would my wife, She has witnessed activity in our own home, and she says that the Paranormal Community (myself included) are all on crack, but in the same breath tells me when I am leaving on an investigation to be sure I don’t bring back any attachments. Or the Police Officer husband of a client that has heard they entity in theier home jumping and running around in his second floor, he then searched the home with his service pistol in hand to find nothing but still refuses to admit it was something paranormal.

And lastly, Those of faith, they believe in a God, some form of Heaven and Hell but refuse to believe in spirits being able to appear here on earth or in some cases not believing that any spirits exist inspite that the Bible, the Koran, and many ancient Myths, and Pagan belief systems tell of such entities thru out the millenia.

I therefore came to the conclusion that no matter what people say, they either consciously or subconsciously suppress thier belief in the afterlife and inturn really do believe in spirits, both positive and negative.

So, with all this in mind we go back to the question… Can any entity enter a location if the occupants do not believe?

The answer in my opinion is Yes!! Yes entities can enter a location or attach to a person who claims not to believe, and stake a claim even with out being invited or consiously giving permission for it to enter.

Disposal or Cleansing of Items with Attachments

     I was sitting in the breakroom at work, when a co-worker came in and opened a shopping bag of trinkets he brought from Mardi Gras in New Orleans, amongst the beads was a voodoo doll he obtained for someone. This gave me the idea and the need for this article.


We do not guarantee the effectiveness of the information contained in the following article. How-ever, They have been used with success, but as with any dealings with the paranormal world, they can have a backlash effect if not performed properly…



        With just one visit to John Zaffis’s museum or it’s website, one can see that anything can have an attachment or as some say become possessed. There are several way to deal with these items.

If the items do not pose a threat or cause problems you might choose to live with How-ever if the item is causing issues,you can follow the next few items, both of which will be discussed in detail in the following sections.

You can either cleanse the object or you can have the item destroyed. Either way DO NOT  throw the item in the trash, or destroy the item without first following the below listed steps and using proper disposal techniques.


The following can be dangerous and cause the conditions you are experiencing to escalte.


Before starting any of the following we advise you to employ what ever means to protect yourself, as you would prior to any investigation, such as prayer, relics etc..

First off, If the Item is a Ouija Board, Do not attempt to destroy this item until after the entity is sent back and the portal through which it came is closed, (otherwise the entity is trapped here and it will only infuriate it and can cause serious harm). After the preceding  has beem accomplished you can follow with proper disposal techniques noted here.

If the item in question is small enough and its’ composition allows it, you could smudge the item then submerge it in Blessed Salt within a sealed container, leave it at least 45 days. This should either drive out the entity or at least weaken it enough to make it leave.

The best and only way to insure that the entity is banished is to destroy the item and disposed of in the proper way.

Other items need to smudged, cleansed with Blessed Salt and Holy Water, then either burned or destoyed and the parts / ashes disposed of in either the ocean or if not close, any moving body of water.

Finally,  if you have someone you don’t care for very much,  you can gift them the object (we don’t condone this, remember Karma-what goes around ).



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