Disposal or Cleansing of Items with Attachments

     I was sitting in the breakroom at work, when a co-worker came in and opened a shopping bag of trinkets he brought from Mardi Gras in New Orleans, amongst the beads was a voodoo doll he obtained for someone. This gave me the idea and the need for this article.


We do not guarantee the effectiveness of the information contained in the following article. How-ever, They have been used with success, but as with any dealings with the paranormal world, they can have a backlash effect if not performed properly…



        With just one visit to John Zaffis’s museum or it’s website, one can see that anything can have an attachment or as some say become possessed. There are several way to deal with these items.

If the items do not pose a threat or cause problems you might choose to live with How-ever if the item is causing issues,you can follow the next few items, both of which will be discussed in detail in the following sections.

You can either cleanse the object or you can have the item destroyed. Either way DO NOT  throw the item in the trash, or destroy the item without first following the below listed steps and using proper disposal techniques.


The following can be dangerous and cause the conditions you are experiencing to escalte.


Before starting any of the following we advise you to employ what ever means to protect yourself, as you would prior to any investigation, such as prayer, relics etc..

First off, If the Item is a Ouija Board, Do not attempt to destroy this item until after the entity is sent back and the portal through which it came is closed, (otherwise the entity is trapped here and it will only infuriate it and can cause serious harm). After the preceding  has beem accomplished you can follow with proper disposal techniques noted here.

If the item in question is small enough and its’ composition allows it, you could smudge the item then submerge it in Blessed Salt within a sealed container, leave it at least 45 days. This should either drive out the entity or at least weaken it enough to make it leave.

The best and only way to insure that the entity is banished is to destroy the item and disposed of in the proper way.

Other items need to smudged, cleansed with Blessed Salt and Holy Water, then either burned or destoyed and the parts / ashes disposed of in either the ocean or if not close, any moving body of water.

Finally,  if you have someone you don’t care for very much,  you can gift them the object (we don’t condone this, remember Karma-what goes around ).



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