Past, Present and Future Investigations


We will never trespass nor do we condone entering any property or location illegally without express permission by the owners.





Upcoming Investigations/Events:

Recruitment Drive / Interviews

Training meeting/investigation: to be announced.

Multiple residential investigations, Corona, Ca.


Present Investigations:

Anaheim Hills, Ca. (Private Residence)

Palmdale /Lancaster Ca., Abandoned Hospital,   Location now demolished, Data under review.

Norco, Ca., Abandoned shell of old Power Station (Abandoned Industrial Bldg, Crime Scene)




Past Investigations: (for Data/Evidence collected at these sites look under the Collected Data tab above)


Evergreen Cemetery, Riverside Ca.  (Sensitivity Test on Founders Sons with Dan Mewhinny of SOCALPRS), (Cemetery), multiple evp’s captured.

Star of India, San Diego, Ca.  In conjunction with SOCALPRS (Ship/Museum), multiple evp’s and video data captured.

Riverside Arts Building (training Session), Riverside, Ca. (Office Suites), Multiple evp’s captured

Kings Row,  Undisclosed Location (Private Residence). multiple evp’s, client informed to contact Imam. case closed due to interference by friend of client.

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, Ca. (US Park System, Historical Location) 2 apparitions captures via camera.

Wilshire Royale, Los Angeles, Ca. (Private Residence). reports of physical attacks, multiple evps captured with physical manifestations, , client moved.

Corona Burn Site aka: Hells’ Gate, Corona, Ca. (Ruins Ganahl Family Residence/Ranch)

Jennifer C.  Investigation, San Clemente, Ca.  (Private Residence), no data collected, client moved.

Grover Beach/Arroyo Grande, Ca. (Private Residence). (confidential)

Newhall, Ca. (Private Residence) No activity noted, will continue to reevaluated digital recordings.

Starlite  Theater,  Corona, Ca.   Report of full body, intelligent apparition by staff. No activity captured.

San Bernardino, Ca.  (Private Residence)  No activity captured, instructed residents to contact us if activity increases.

Moreno Valley, Ca. (Private Party/Residence)  Client being physically assaulted, have had numerous visits, Witnessed and recorded possession of client, Continued communication and spiritual care.  Referred to catholic Clergy

Private Residence, Quail Valley, Riverside County, Primary Investigation Complete, Multiple EVP’s obtained , repeat follow up investigation and cleansings needed. no returned communication from client

Private Residence #1, Corona, Ca.  Client follow up:Activity coming back. Requires follow up visit and cleansing. Note: Multiple attempts to follow up made, either due to miscommunication or outside influence, all attempts were either turned away at door due to client “forgetting appointment and having made other plans or client was not home. Case closed unless client contacts us again.

2 Responses to Past, Present and Future Investigations

  • zachariah mcguire says:

    repleied jjf 4/30

    I am trying to verify that this doll has been researched and documented through your institution.

    There are a lot of fake haunted/possessed dolls on ebay and I would like to avoid wasting time studying a doll with no entity (or a badly bound or malevolent entity). The seller said she has a certificate from your institute verifying it’s activity but there’s no picture posted on the listing. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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