John J Fowler

Lead Investigator/Founder

There is more out there than modern science can account for, but in the mean time, one needs to gather evidence and wait for the mainstream to catch up.

John is an ER Technician/ X-Ray Technician by trade with a strong background in investigations from being a Security Policeman and undercover OSI Investigator while in the Air Force and private security/investigations and a Collections skip tracer upon his discharge. . He is married, his wife is an R.N. and together they have two sons (who both have experienced paranormal activities)

Johns’ first paranormal experience occurred when he was very young at his family home on Long Island N.Y. and at his maternal Grandparents home in Gettysburg, Pa., seeing shadow people. He Moved to California when he was 12 years old and the Shadow people followed him there and has had numerous experiences to include his current home.. Since his early childhood he has been interested in the Paranormal but only really became interested in investigating after his eldest son had a not so friendly encounter with one of their homes visitors. He is Studying Catholic Demonology.

He knows there is more out there than mainstream science leads us to believe, and wishes gain knowledge and proof of the paranormal. As with SOCALPRS, John sees the need for a group that isn’t there just to gather evidence, he wants to be able to council, and help others who are going through what he and his family has endured. He understands the looks of disbelief and skepticism, and alienation one gets when you mention that you may be haunted, The need for answers and understanding and also compassion for you and your families situation and feelings.

Sabrina Lallier Wise

Case Manager / Investigator / Tarot Reader / Empathic Intuitive



Sabrina has been reading the Tarot (Cards) for many years. She was taught how to read the cards with a standard (poker) playing deck when she was 11 years of age. She was shown by her mother who also was shown by her grandmother. It was never a secret that they had come from a long line of woman much like herself and she sees this lineage has been carried on into her daughters lives as well. She found learning to read the cards to be quite exciting. It definitely got the attention of this young Sagitarian. At first it was merely a parlor trick that she would perform for friends. At this time in her life paranormal activity had always been present. During her teen years it all became much more frequent. Being full of curiosity as well as an unfounded knowing and because of her Mother’s influence, her desire to understand grew and her study of paranormal and the occult began. As she grew into a young woman her studies of religion, spiritual philosophy, dream therapy and analysis all became her passion. Divination and Tarot came easy to her. In the beginning she would dream about the cards…see images….they spoke to her. As my practice grew she began working with a pendulum and also learned scrying (also called crystal gazing, crystal seeing, seeing, or peeping is a magic practice that involves seeing things psychically in a medium.) she acquired knowledge of herb lore. she also have conducted Tarot 101 workshops and worked with students who are interested in learning more about the art of Tarot.! She has worked with SoCalPRS (Southern California Paranormal Research Society) which you may have seen on the Sci-fi channel. SoCalPRS has been featured on Destination Truth, Children of the Grave, and the Lisa Williams Show. I was very honored to be asked to contribute my gifts and abilities to paranormal research.

Eric Hernandez


Eric is a regular everyday Joe, working in the signage business for the last 17 years. He truly believes there really are sprits all around us, although he still needs solid proof that they do exist. with that said, he is a paranormal investigator and core member of CSPAR. He is married to Jules (another investigator with CSPAR), and has three children and has a blessed home life. Eric is a real down to earth person and very easy going. He was born and raised in Riverside. Eric proudly served in our nations U.S. Army for 6 1/2 great years. in his travels abroad and has seen many paranormal locations throughout the world.
Eric’s first paranormal experience happened when he was very young. seeing what he thought was his father in a hallway, he soon realized that his father and all family members were fast asleep. Later, while talking to his parents about his sighting, his father assured him he had nothing to worry about. the sprit lived here and wouldn’t hurt him. He has had several experiences through out his life, but has yet to get any real evidence of what he saw.
Coming from a family up bringing in the Catholic faith he is still open to all forms of religion and practices. he is here to help. Eric will continue to look for proof that paranormal activity exists and in doing so, along with the other members of CSPAR,
help those in need of paranormal assistance.


Julie “Jules” Hernandez


Julie has been married to Eric Hernandez (CSPAR team member) for 21 years and together they have 3 daughters. Together they live in Riverside. She was employed as a hairstylist for 23 years and as of recent decided to make a career change into the medical field. Julie has had many experiences with the paranormal since childhood and sill does until this day. However, she does not dismiss the scientific approach to de-bunking alleged ghostly activity before jumping to the conclusion that a place or person is indeed haunted. She is not clairvoyant or psychic and has never claimed to be. She is here to help those who are reaching out for assistance when experiencing things they cannot explain, and no one else will listen and feel as if they have nowhere else to turn,. Julie is also very client orientated and is nonjudgmental when it comes to people’s religious beliefs or cultures





Jonathan Fowler


Jonathan is the eldest son of our founder. He is a full time college student, completing his General Ed. Requirements before starting his major in Radiology.He has had numerous up close and personal contacts with both good and evil entities since he was a young child. This gives him the ability to empathize with our clients.


Image result for heather halley


Heather Halley


Heather Halley is an American voice actress. She is best known as the English voice of Para-Medic in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. She also reprises her role as Para-Medic in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

Michael Kurt Windfang Blackhart




Michael is an actor by trade and has been involved with the paranormal and has studied demonology since early childhood, He brings a wealth of knowlege and speciall insights to the group. Specializing in ancient demonology. he has had his own paranormal group in the past (Nocturn Paranormal). he is an integral part of the team and a valued resource.

Angela “Angie” Crowder

Sensitive / Native American Specialist

Angie grew  up being interested in the paranormal. Every chance I had, I was reading about ghosts and hauntings. Later on in life I grew to understand that I am sensitive and that I wanted to explore more into what I was seeing and feeling.

Sara Palmer
Investigator Trainee


Sara has lived her entire life in Riverside and has had many unusual experiences throughout her life, including being touched on numerous occasions by something, or someone, that couldn’t be seen, and voices, noises, and smells that were unusual. Although Sara does look for scientific rationale behind what’s happening, many of her experiences have convinced her that there may be something out there that cannot be explained scientifically.




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