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This page is for private parties that are not affiliated with  CSPAR to submit thier own data for review and analysis.

Submitting Data:

When Submitting data, please give the location where the data was collected, the date, and time (if known).

Also when Submitting data, please let us know if you want you name with the data or just the basic information and your initials.

Reviews of Data:

When Reviewing data, please reference the caption under the data.   Be respectful and professional when writing your opinions, anything that is deemed not professional or is demeaning, degrading, or just plain nasty will not be posted.

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San Francisco Window Spectre 

Submitted  by Leo B.

States she was walking down street past Cafe Zeotrope, and Looked up, she saw something in window and snapped this photo.

San Francisco Face by Leo b Resized

San Francisco Face by Leo b




In the final enhancement it almosts looks like a pitbull?? But the neck area doesn’t fit with a dog.












Fontana Ghost Boy

Submitted by Jason O.

Fontana, Ca.

This gentlemans son had been seening an invisible boy by their TV, so he took this picture after his son said the boy was there.

“Ghost boy” enlarged

Ghost Boy by TV





Riverside Halloween Visitor

Team Member Julie H.

No one was smoking, and can not be mist from breath uless the invisible man was there.

Mist Enlarged

Mist of all Hallows Eve














———————————————————- ♦♦♦♦♦———————————————————-

Ganahl Ranch, Corona Ca.

Submitted by Anthony A.

collected 2010

Anthony A

Light streaks to right of tree

Light streaks enlarged

Anthony A

Orb and Light anomolies

Orb and Light anomolies enlarged


EVP submission from same location and date

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This was submitted by an old Air Force Security Police Buddy, he went on a squatch hunt in an eastern state, and this is what was caught by a member of the team.

Big Foot, Skunk Ape, Sasquatch..What do you think?

Enlargment of trail cam shot.

Enlargment of trail cam shot.

Original Trail cam shot

Original Trail cam shot











Orange California Christmas Entity

I have been experiencing paranormal (hauntings) since I was a child.  I am now fifty-five, still going.

I am writing to share a photograph taken in 1960s, myself decorating a Christmas tree in an old house my parents got for free in turn of renovation.  I am Native American, if it matters, and I later found that the house was built over a once Native American village.  Incidentally,  six-months following the photo, my father passed away suddenly at age 37 from a short bout with chickenpox.

Orange Entity


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