Ganhal Ranch aka: The Corona Burnsite / Hells Gate

Ganahl Ranch
And The Corona Creature



Primary Legend

The Urban Legend of the Burn Site:

As told by local teens and reported on many well known Paranormal websites:  Corona, Ca… burn site-end of main street – up in the hills of corona on a dead end street there is an old signal tower. past that a small trail leads you to a walkway and a burn site. the story is that there was a house that stood there in the 60’s. two parents lived there along with two children. One weekend the parents decided to go on vacation and hire a nanny to watch the kids. On a windy nightthe nanny became drunk and locked the children in the basement. The nanny then knocked a lamp on the floor before passing out. Later that night the house burned down with all three people in it. Strange happenings occur such as cold spots, items moving from the time you travel up the trail to the time you travel back, and toys appearing and disappearing in the basement.


Secondary Legend

The Corona Creature:

Many have claimed seeing a creature that roams the edge of the Cleveland National Forest. they have reported seeing a creature that is white with red eyes. it is said to be between 3-5 feet tall and hides or runs into the brus when seen.


The Debunked Truth from the Property Owner

I’m Chris Ganahl, the son of Paul Ganahl. This “Ranch” was bought in the early 1900s by my great-grandfather, Fidel Ganahl, who was born in Austria from Benjamin White. It passed into the hands of my grandfather, Alphonse Ganahl, who was the Corona city attorney at one time. My father was born in St. Louis, but grew up in Corona on this ranch. He (and I) moved back to Corona after the war (around 1956). He gained possession of about 50 acres of the original Ranch and moved into the house in the early 1970s. He set fire to the house in the late 80’s when he was trying to start a fire in the fireplace. (He didn’t smoke cigars.) Gasoline was involved. He thought he’d made it safe by mixing it with motor oil, but he slipped and splashed it on the wall. He went to a nursing home after that and developed Alzheimer’s. When he died, we scattered his ashes on the hill next to the reservoirs.


Personal Knowledge of the truth

I Personally met Mr. Ganahl when I was in High School back around 1978-1980, I used to drive and park at the end of his driveway to find peace and quiet. I had numerous conversations with him, He was a very happy and sociable gentleman, who allowed people to hike on and thru his property as long as you cleaned up and took out what you brought in. He loved th land and the city. To this I feel that if anything, his spirit may still be there, watching over his beloved family home and the canyons and hills he grew up with.


Visibility 40 miles

Temp: 53°f

Dew Point: 26°f

35% humidity

Pressure: 30.20 Steady

Wind: Speed 6 mph Direction: E S E

Moon: Waxing Gibbons

Illumination: 94.0407

Solar Activity: Active

Geomagnetic: Quiet

historical Pictures

West Side of house Circa 1918

South side of home circa 1983

South side of House Circa: 1983

Barn, Sheds abd Old Foremans house circa:1983


DayTime Recon 

Looking up hill from gate towards homesite

Looking up driveway from gate









Front step of home


Walking up hill from gate towards homesite









Looking into remains of basement from west side


View from south west side of yard


looking in reservoir where Mr Ganahls ashes were spread

Nocturnal Investigation

View of entrance gate

Front steps from crest of walkway

Old walkway up to front stairs









looking into remains of basement
untouched photo of two of our investigators Look behind them

figure outlined





Anomaly in bush


Unknown Face in bush cropped,


Another Anomaly in bush on north side of site

enlarged view of face in center of enlargement ( Could this just be matrixing?)

As with all of our recordings please use a headset and adjust volume as needed.

Unknown Face in bush cropped,

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