Alcatraz Island Federal Prison (closed), San Francisco Bay, Ca.

These are a few pictures taken during a visit to Alcatraz by the
Founder, his wife and youngest son.  They were not there for anything but sightseeing,
with the promise to his wife and youngest son that he would do nothing with the paranormal.
How-ever upon their arrival on the Rock, His son said he wanted to go to the
Morgue. He stated that he new exactly where it was.
(note: this was their first trip ever to San Francisco.).


 Machine Shop

Enlargement of second story left 1st window

 Note: This Building was closed by the Parks Service due to decay of the upper floors.  No one is allowed inside.

Morgue, (I put circle around area of interest), Notice reflection of person taking picture on the right side of picture is also seen in reflection of enlargement. Entity seems to be wearing a cap and white shirt, not sure if prisoner, guard or soldier from the time that the Island was a military fort.

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