An Introduction and Warning

Welcome to the world of Paranormal Investigations. This is an ever-growing field and one that has many levels to it as I will review below.


There are those who consider ghost hunting to be a hobby. For many, the idea is to go to haunted places, take pictures, set up tape recorders and hope for the best. There are many “meet-up groups” and inexperienced “Paranormal Investigations Societies” that are participating in this type of “hunting”.  To these I say, live this through the TV and the many entertainment shows on cable. Take up some other hobby like cooking, that way when someone becomes ill due to your hobby you can go to your doctor to get it fixed. The truth is…People have and do get hurt, both physically and mentally. We have seen Investigators and hobbyists’ who have had their lives turned upside down after seemingly quiet investigations. They have ended up in hospitals, commit suicide, had their animals die, and lost family, friends and jobs. We have seen tight knit groups disband after investigating sites. So Take care and really think about what the potential dangers and loss might be.
For many others, ghost hunting is really something more than a hobby. For these people, they want to understand more about life in general and what happens to us when life as we know it ends. It is interesting how many people believe that the key to life can be found with the dead. That idea is not without some merit. After all, if anything can make you a believer in life after death, spotting a ghost will surely do it.

Still others study this field with the thoughts of research in mind. This is a challenging way to approach ghost hunting and it carries with it some difficulty. Attempting to scientifically test and prove haunting phenomena can be extremely frustrating because let us face it: ghosts do not always cooperate with us and our efforts. However, there is much to be learned and if you approach it properly, that is with no set expectations in mind; you will be surprised what you can learn.

An then there are groups like ours, these groups are far and few between, they are made up of those who work in this field in order to help those who are suffering from the torments of some form of preternatural or supernatural phenomena. It takes a certain type of individual to do this type of work because unlike the other groups listed; this one carries with it many risks. As soon as an investigator accepts a case, (and sometimes before that) he or she has put themselves right into the crosshairs. It is one thing to be followed by a benign spirit that drew your interest in a haunted bed and breakfast establishment; it is something entirely different when you are followed home by an evil spirit who just happens to be angry with you for interfering in its plan. This is a situation that can cause you a few problems. Having the best of intentions does not guarantee you protection.

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