The Negative Entities Plans Behind a Haunting

Whether a haunting involves a good or an evil entity, their goals are fairly uncomplicated and the means to attain them are simple, but very effective. Entities feed on energy. Be it from the energy in the atmosphere, or those goose bumps that arise from your skin. Negative spirits, thrive more on the energy that is produced by fear, anger, anxiety. In most hauntings, things start out slowly. As time passes the tactics increase this is where the fear starts. Now, when a spirit feeds off of fear, it gets stronger. Since it is stronger, it now can increase its attack which in turn results in more fear. Or it may only manifest itself to one person in the home, making that person feel alone, as others doubt the victims’ claims, the anxiety; frustration builds to resentment, and anger. Those increased negative emotions make it stronger still and cycle continues. Slowly at first, then as time goes by the hold on the victim becomes stronger. The haunting suddenly becomes dangerous. At this point the negative entity had free range in the location and will start on the remaining members of the household.

Educating the client with regards to these tactics can be helpful to the client. I try to teach the client to try and take back ownership/control of their home. Once they understand this, they can begin to take back some lost ground. If something should happen that might have caused considerable fear but no longer does, the spirit has less to feed on. The less it has to feed on, the less it can use to frighten them with. Thus, you begin to unravel the grip.

In the event of a human spirit, having the client understand the limitations of the entities power, in itself may end the entities abilities and same with the haunting. Human spirits are limited in what they can do anyway so anything that reduces their ability to cause fear weakens them. If they are not working as an evil minion, they usually will leave. Unfortunately if you are dealing with a demonic entity, it will try to retaliate for the being challenged. If the clients can stand firm against the initial retaliation, and take it as a sign that they have hurt the entity and a minor victory, they can begin to loosen its. It will not rid the location of the demonic spirit but it may weaken it to where strong prayers can finish the job.

Educated people with a good support system will wage a much stronger defense will enable them to go on the offensive, than those who feel frightened confused and alone. Take every wherever you can get it.


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