The Dangers of Paranormal Investigations


The following has been inspired by the works of Dan MeWhinney and the DOTP Project.

This is a topic that is rarely if ever discussed in most writings and paranormal shows, how-ever, I feel this is the single most important subject within the field. There are many dangers involved in paranormal research, ranging from the environment to the supernatural. Here are some but not all encompassing list of the dangers involved




Never scout or investigate alone. Dress appropriately, wear proper shoes and clothes to match the extremes of temperature and weather for the location. Investigations can consist of long hours without proper food and water, too much coffee, and even falling asleep at the wheel during long drives home Get a hotel room and start out fresh a few hours later.. Bring protein bars, and plenty of water.. Be aware of the wild life in th area and possibility of animal attacks. Never investigate abandoned buildings where floors could be unstable and substances such as asbestos could be a completely unknown hazard Insure you bring along personal protection equipment (PPE) .. Always carry your license and health insurance card.


Some clients can also be hazardous to your health!! Many people claiming to be experiencing paranormal activity may be susceptible to mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, or other factors. They may have guns or other weapons. Always film or tape your interactions with the client. Bbefore doing anything, ensure that they have completed and signed a Permission to Investigate/Liability Waiver form. Be aware that if you do not find anything to substantiate their claims, they could become angry or even violent. Paranormal investigators have been physically attacked on some investigations by their own clients. In some cases, the police could be called and, remember, it’s your word against the client’s.


People who are attracted to this field may have obsessions, fantasies, or delusions. Some, can become obsessed with an aspect of the paranormal. Others may have dabbled in the occult or Wicca without proper knowledge or training. Some “armchair” demonologists can actually stir up activity, instead of stopping it. They know just enough to be dangerous. And some, unfortunately, may have deliberately chosen to travel down the dark path. They are often the most personable and charming but inside they carry a dark hidden agenda. They have a need to become famous and will do anything to achieve their goals.


Tread carefully with EVPs. It is believed that EVPs can open a path or portal into the spirit world and you have to be extremely cautious about who may walk through that door. playing back the recordings can set up a vibration that attracts even more spirits who could then form attachments. For that reason, it is recommended to wait until you’re home before reviewing your recordings.  Also prior to reviewing your recordings, you should take care to take part in a protection ritual.When leaving any location, each investigator should state that they do not give permission for any spirits to follow them home. It is also good to do this as a group and to “ground” in a group setting.


Spirits should be approached with respect. Most spirits are not negative. Any “positive” spirits that may be around are not going to respond to provoking; instead, they are simply going to remove themselves from your vicinity until you pack up and leave. They can always wait you out – guaranteed, you’ll get tired before they do.


Many investigators who find themselves victims of a spirit attachment begin by collecting impressive EVP evidence – Spirits somehow “allow” themselves to be recorded. This can end badly with a spirit or even demonic attachment. I recommend that, at the first sign of any problems, ask for help. Many experienced paranormal groups have contacts with mediums, exorcists, demonologists, clergy, and psychologists who can be of assistance. Of course, stay away from Ouija boards. And, if your team finds any reason to suspect that the activity you’ve encountered could be demonic or inhuman, leave immediately. It’s never worth the evidence when it destroys everything that you consider valuable in your life.


In the realm of paranormal investigators, many people do not understand that demons are commonplace. Their activity is much more mundane than people are willing to discern. More people are dealing with them than they know. The sooner we all understand this the easier it will be to protect ourselves from their kind.


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