Cleansing, Repairing / Recharging Crystals and Stones

To cleanse your crystals and stones of negative energy, you need to use one or a combination of the four elements of nature.
Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. How ever care must be used as some crystals/stones can be damaged in water and or sunlight. First I will list some of these then I will instruct you on the care of your crystals and stones.

Cleansing with Intention

The fist requirement of crystal cleansing is the power of intention, or thought visualiation. This can be achieved by undergoing a
crystal cleansing meditation, such as visualising a stream or waterfall that cleanses the healing crystal in your mind.

Elements of Cleansing


The easiest way to cleanse is with your breath. Blow on your crystals/stones while envisioning the negative energy held by them is
being carried away with your breath.

Cleansing Crystals with Sound:Purify crystals with the resonating sound of a bell. This is a good method for multiple crystal
cleansing, although the process is more effective if purifying one stone at a time. Toning with the voice is an alternative form of sound cleansing, as different notes resonate with different crystals


Salt Water: Soak in sea water or if not available use a mixture of 1 cup sea salt and 2 cups spring water in a glass or earthen bowl. First let the bowl of water sit in the sun for at least four hours to energize it. Submerge your crystals/stones in water for a minimum of 8 hours, then rinse well under running water and let dry in the sun for 8 hours or if Lunar Stones/Crystals then place
on window ledge overnight, preferably in a window not facing east so as not to catch the morning sun. (Caution:
this can remove polish from your crystal/stones and pit some.)

Running Water: If you live near a running spring or river you can place your crystals/stones in a mesh bag and place in the moving part of the river or stream for at least four hours. (Note: this also re-energizes the crystals/stones).

Stones that will be damaged by soaking 

Any Porous Stone such as but no limited to: Opal, Lapis, or Coral



Candle Flame Cleansing: Crystals can be cleansed with fire by carefully passing them through a candle flame. If the crystal is to be used on a particular chakra, burn a candle in the corresponding colour. Never leave burning candles unattended.

Smudging: Burn incense such as White Sage, Sweetgrass, Frankencense, Dragons Blood or wood such as Sandalwood, or Cedar. Pass the stones/crystals through the smoke for 20-30 seconds while envisioning the smoke taking away any negative impurities.

Sun Light:Place them in warm sunlight for minimum of four hours

Stones damaged by sunlightand it’s effects on the stones/crystals

Amethyst:becomes paler
Apatite: pink variety fades
Aquamarine: becomes paler
Beryl: brown or orange types may change to pale pink
Celestite: fades in direct sunlight
Danubrite: Fades
Fluorite: green and purple types change color
Rose Quartz: becomes paler
Kunzite: becomes pale or loses color
Sapphire: should be cleansed in moonlight

Moon Light:Place overnight on a window ledge overnight avoiding any window that receives the morning sun.



Dirt: Place crystals/stones in a clean cloth and bury them in moist soil for 24 hours.

Sand: Bury in moist sand with no wrapping (Note: This may remove polish from stones/crystals).

Sea Salt:Bury in sea salt over night.

Cluster Method: Place stones/crystals on a slab or large crystal overnight. Preferably use Amethyst as it is believed that it changes lower energies to higher frequencies of the ethereal and spiritual aspects, therefore transforming what ever is placed on it.

Combination of all elements

Wiccan author Scott Cunningham explains in his book Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic, (ISBN: 0-87542-126-1), that there are ritualistic ways of cleansing crystals. He suggests doing this during the day. An altar or table can be used.

Fill a bowl with fresh water and place it to the West. Put a lit red candle to the South, smoking incense to the East and a container
of fresh dug earth to the North. They represent the Four Elements, water, fire, air and earth and their corresponding directions. Put the crystals in the center of these items.


Place a crystal in the earth and cover and say words like, “I cleanse you with earth.” Allow it to stay there for a few moments and visualize the earth absorbing impurities. Remove the crystal, brush off the earth, then wave it back and forth in the smoke. This cleanses it with air. Visualize the smoke cleansing disturbing energies. Put the crystal through the candle flame several times and visualize the flame burning away negativity. Put the crystal in the water and visualize the water cleansing it. Dry the stone
with a clean cloth and feel its energy in your receptive hand. If you are right handed, it is the left hand and vice versa. You can feel if it is totally cleansed. If not, repeat the process.

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