Charging the Crystals/Stones


 Below are a few ways in which one can Charge or Energize your Crystals/Stones

After Cleansing: 

Hold the stone in your projective hand, right if you are right-handed and vice versa. Feel that which is what you desire. Feel the emotion of desire     and the need. Imagine it a ray of energy that is the color of what you want.  Project into the crystal. Some crystals will vibrate. Others do not. Once  you feel the stone is charged, in order to use the energy, hold the stone in  your receptive hand and feel the energy pouring into your body. You can put it in a special place or carry it in your receptive pocket in order to feel  the energy when needed.


Hold the stone in the dominant hand while it is being charged. A left  handed person would hold the stone in the left hand while it is being charged, while a right handed person would hold the stone in the right hand while it is being charged. Visualize the stone being filled up with healing  energy while reciting this charm three times.


This wonderful stone is a precious gift

From our great and powerful mother earth

May this stone be imbued with energies of old

So it may be used for healing and giving one’s spirit a lift




When you have finished “charging” your crystal, some say that it is advisable to ground yourself, to discharge excess energy. They should now be energized with the attribute you intended.  If you’ve found that during the process your lack of concentration or distractions have diverted your attentions, it would be wise to go back to the cleaning process and start over at a better time. Negative energies can just as easily be accepted into the stone as positive energies.



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