Before you begin, Open all drawers, closets, and
cabinets in the building (this allows the smudge to penetrate any hiding areas
and allows the negative energy/entities trapped in the smoke a way out so as not
to be trapped and even more upset than when you started).

The smudge stick is sometimes hard to keep smoldering
so when you first light it, blow out the flame after it gets going and then blow
into the smoldering embers to really let it take hold or else it might burn out.
If it does burn out, just re-light it again and keep going. After I get the
stick smoldering, I ask the smoke be blessed and that it will trap any and all
negative entities and energies. (to prevent ruining the clients flooring, please
use something under the smudge wand to prevent burning ash/embers from falling).

Afterwards you can either carry wand in your hand or
An alternative to a smudge “stick” bundle would be to burn loose sage,
Lavender, sweetgrass, or Incense such as Dragons Blood in an abalone shell and
use an Eagle feather like most traditionalists’, or in some other vessel such
as an incense burner, which would prevent the smoldering ash problem.

This ceremony does tend to drain the person doing it,
so allow so rest time for afterward. You may notice the difference of energy
right away or especially the next day, as will visitors to your home or work

The first thing I smudge is myself and everyone
present, starting at the top of the head (crown charka). Then work the smoke
down around my body and around heart charka, (Be sure to do under each arm and
around the back also) working down to and around both feet while reciting a
protection prayer. You then start at a doorway (preferably a basement entry of
if there is no basement, then start at a ground floor entryway) and direct the
smoke completely around the door frame. Repeat this in every room starting at
the entry doorway to each room and the front and back or side doors to the

After the doorways just go around the room to the four
corners and then down the middle with a circular motion and clearly letting the
entity know it is now welcome in the building and it must leave. Continue till
all rooms are completed.

When you have completed every room, then say another
prayer, thanking God and your spirit guides/Guardian Angels for help and
blessings asking that all the smoke carry away all negative entities and
energies out away from your home or office. Then put out the smudge or let the
Incense burn out. After all is completed, close all the windows and doors
sealing each with blessed salt then sit down and relax for a while, to rebuild
your own energy.

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