WARNING: If you are not trained in dealing with demons, RUN!!, don’t walk!! when you realize what you have, Find someone well trained and applicable clergy and get them involved.


Demonology is not just a Christian doctrine, it has been around since the dawn of history, as a part of the Assyrian and Akkadian Empires, it is seen in the Iranian Empire in the Avesta, and also in the Canonical Scripture of the Jews.

How-ever, for the sake of brevity, I will go into this subject using the Christian belief system.
I will add more later on under this section on each of the above mentioned cultures and belief systems.

Demons are what we consider non-human –evil, as opposed to Angels which are non-human-good. They are fallen angels that have left the side of God to follow Lucifer and were banished to Earth, over which, God gave full reign to Satan (Rev. 12:4) and they are used by Satan to oppose God, His plan and purposes, and His people. They also war against unbelievers to keep them from the truth of the Gospel. Demons control specific territories (principalities) such as the prince of Persia mentioned in Daniel 10:12-13. Demons also work through personalities – through men and women – to accomplish satanic objectives in the world. Opposition to God’s will is Satans’ main objective. The word “Satan” means “adversary.” Satan is primarily God’s adversary (Job 1:6; Matthew 13:39). He is secondarily man’s adversary (Zechariah 3:1; 1 Peter 5:8).

Demons have different natures. One demon identified himself in 1 Kings 22:23 as a “lying spirit.” A “deaf and dumb” spirit is identified in Mark 9:25. Demons of various natures operate as spirits of infirmity, seducing spirits, and unclean spirits. Satan uses them to war against man in body, soul, and spirit, Below I will review the main types of demonic entities, as there are many levels to the demonic realm and if you decide to enter the field of Demonology then you may learn more.



These demonic powers afflict the soulish nature of man. They are responsible for immoral acts, unclean thoughts, temptations and other strategies of satan used to bind men and women. When satan controls individuals with unclean spirits, he can also operate in homes, churches, and entire nations as these groups are composed of individuals. This is how satan works in the various levels of structure in society. For examples of unclean spirits, see: Matthew 10:1; 12:43; and Mark 1:23-26.

The demon’s goal is to get the possessed person to kill himself (either physically or spiritually) and/or others before he or they act on the opportunity to be saved and become Christ’s “captives.

It is logical to say that there are at least millions of demons, probably more.  They are extremely territorial, and clever. Diabolicals’s [Fallen Angel’s] have an incomprehensible intelligence, whilst demon’s [disembodied souls of nephilim] being much baser creatures tend to be a bit insane. Keeping tabs on us, our weaknesses, and how to manipulate or mentally unravel us is not an obstacle for them.  Rather it’s their favorite hobby and obsession.  It’s their mission.


 Levels of Demonic Interaction


  1. Demonic Temptation/Invitation:  Just like it sounds, you are being tempted in you daily life to turn you free will to open doors for the demonic to enter. The demonic entities do not have an invitation to enter your life yet, there is always a Non Human-Negative entity (demon) with you at all times, sometimes there are more as you lean towards the negative choices in your behavior.
  2. Demonic Infestation: One you have succumbed to the temptations of the dark entities, you now have an open door to enter your life. You may not notice it at first, things are relatively quiet, and as they progress, you might notice things, but learn to ignore them telling yourself it’s just the house settling Such as light tapping or banging, noises in the home.

Some of the way doors are open are:

  1.    Blaspheming the Lords name.
  2.    Holding onto deep seated grudges against God, or persons or groups.
  3.    Craving and seeking or giving consent occult power or revelation, (some “Christian” groups claim testing yourself for psychic abilities, going to a psychic or tarot reader.) I feel that this is a distorted and wrongful interpretation of the Bible, by those that fear opposition to their own personal power over their congregants. I feel if you are seeking knowledge not for person gain or power then it is well intentioned otherwise God would not give people the power of discernment.
  4.   Possessing occult tools, ie: Ouija boards, Satanic Bibles, etc..
  5.   Generational curses, (the child paying for their ancestors sins).
  6.   Prior occupants use of Occult materials, or participation in Satanic rites.
  7.   Willful acts against morality.
  8.   Requesting hexes, bad things, on others or the help of Satan.
  9.   Poor self-image.
  10.   Rebellion against authority.
  11.   Dating relationships or close friendships with demon oppressed or possessed people.
  12.   Sexual immorality with demon oppressed or possessed people.
  13.   Authority figures acceptance of Satanic influence.
  14.  Wrong use of drugs and/or alcohol
  15.   Fascination with violence, especially violence devoid of justice; sadism and/or masochism
  16.   Prolonged sleeplessness.
  17.   Contact with demon oppressed or possessed people that threatens the demon(s)


3.   Demon oppression:  mild to severe harassment by evil spirit(s) resulting from the opening of some door(s) to Satan’s influence. Symptoms of demon oppression (caution: some of these may simply be the result of un-confessed sin or unconquered sin habits in the life of the believer)

1.  abnormal, irrational fear

2.  abnormal, irrational anxiety

3.  abnormal, irrational loneliness

4.  severe and/or persistent depression that is not physiologically induced

5.  lack of self-control

6.  aimlessness; the feeling that life is void of any purpose or meaning

7.  conflicts with authority figures

8.  violent, reckless behavior

9.  loss of the fear of God

10. outbursts of hatred

11. selfish ambition, especially an appetite for power

12. irrationality; inability to detect or correct contradictions or other fallacious reasoning


The proper way to minister to a client in this situation would be to teach them about the devil’s deadly devices and to help them understand their authority in Christ. Although the good prayer warrior could intercede on the clients behalf, it is always best to allow other people the right and responsibility to do their own spiritual work with the Lord. Instead of trying to bind up and destroy demonic spirits in other people’s lives, it is always better to teach other people how to drive the devil out of their own sphere of influence.

Some Ways to Close the doors.

 1.  Examine you life for any and all open doors.

2.  Repent of opening those doors and confess as sin the opening of doors by your authority figures.

3.  Take action to demonstrate repentance and to purify your life,including the following:

a.) Release resentment/grudges against God and others, and seek forgiveness of those you have offended by your resentment.

 b.)  Repudiate and renounce  any and all occult involvement; seek forgiveness of those  you have offended by it; totally destroy all books and other objects connected with it.

c.)  Get back under the authority of  your parents, husband, piestr, elders, boss, teachers, and/or others against whom you rebelled; again, seek forgiveness wherever necessary.

d.)  Ask Jesus Christ to take complete control of your life– with His will supreme, not your own.  Dedicate your heart, soul, mind, and strength to be used for His glory, for the fulfillment of His purposes.


4.  Demonic Possession:  the condition in which one or more evil spirits inhabit the body of a human being, taking complete control of it at will and expressing his (or their) personality through that body.

Symptoms of demon possession: (Note: These can also be caused by true psychological / physiological illness, which must be ruled out).

a. Intense, maniacal delight in wielding power

b.  Totally incapable of submitting to any but demonic authority

c.  Filthy, uncontrolled swearing without provocation, even toward total strangers, Irreverent, vile, lewd comments about members of the Godhead;  comments attributing gross sexual immorality to Jesus.

d. Sustained supernatural strength or intelligence beyond that  which might come from adrenalin or some other physiological source.

e. Irrationality to the degree that even the simplest spiritual  truths are  beyond comprehension.
f. Intense, highly disturbed reaction to the mentions of Jesus’ name and Jesus’ blood shed on the cross for man’s sin.

g. Possession of supernatural, occultic power(s) e.g. ability to foretell future events, to levitate tables or other objects, or to travel outside the body, etc.

h. Wild, unnatural facial contortions

i. Presence of two or more distinguishable, coherent personalities, personalities capable of expressing themselves simultaneously (may include emergence of strange voices, dual or multiple voices, and/or unnatural conversations).
j. Uunexplainable, uncontrollable terror especially in the presence of Christians whose faith is strong* (this terror arises either from the  demon’s fear of being cast out or from the possessed  person’s fear upon being cruelly threatened by the demon(s)

k. Extreme violent, reckless behavior, e.g. throwing knives, playing with poisonous snakes, etc.**

l. Severe, persistent depression, despondency and/or temptations to commit suicide**

m. Total lack of self- restraint, especially in sexual behavior;  uncontrolled sexual advances

Casting out demons:

WARNING!!!! Do not attempt this on your own,

Serious Injury up to Death may occur!!!  Get trained Clergy involved!

According to the Catechism in section 1673, The solemn exorcism, called a major exorcism, can be performed only by a priest and with the permission of the bishop. This is only for informational purposes only, so that you will know what is going on when Ordained Clergy are trying to exorcise the demonic entities.

1.  Make sure the possessed person encountered truly is possessed.  Seek confirmation.

2.  Exercise empathic repentance first, closing any open doors to demon influence in your own life.

3.  Get not only the consent of the possessed person, but also that of his/her key authority figures, to cast the demon(s) out (Luke 11:24-26).

4.  Enlist the help of five or more physically and spiritually strong Christians.

5.  Do NOT lay hands on the possessed person, except as necessary to prevent bodily harm.

6.  Identify the demon (or each demon, in cases where there are more than one) by asking him to give his name.

7.  In the name of Jesus and by the power of His shed blood, command the demon(s) to leave.

8.  Watch for deception–Remember: there may be more than just one or two.

9.  In cases where a demon is particularly stubborn, engage in group fasting and prayer (Mark 9:25-29).

10. Carefully and diligently lead the person through each step of closing doors to demon oppression/possession (given above). Remember that bringing the person to salvation, to the indwelling of God’s Spirit, is the only prevention for further demonic possession (Mark 9:25-29).

11. Stay close to the new convert and help him get involved in a solid program of discipleship in fellowship with other believers to drive him away from God.

2 Responses to Demonology

  • Claire Storer says:

    Please help I’m being torn apart by demon it started with sleep paralysis I have strong man inside me they have crushed my leg I was in hospital for six months I have two that are fighting to get to my anus to eat my excrement I. I have sorry but its true I don’t e wn look like myself anymore they smell so bad please help me my number is 01932228617 and or 07512997006 there is so much more to tell you help me pls I’m going to die

    • johnfowler says:

      Ms. Storer,I regret not responding sooner as we are going through a reorganization at this time. Before we or any other group can and should get involved for safety and health reasons, we would request that you go through a thorough medical exam. Also with what you are describing I would highly suggest contacting Clergy at your local Roman Catholic Church. (Note: they will require a Medical exam prior to getting involved).

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