Closing a Portal

Closing a Portal is something that we should all know how to do or at least assist with… Here is a brief explanation of how to do it.


If you are a Paranormal Investigator sooner or later you will come across portals.  Some of these portals are opened while conjuring in seances’ or using such devices as Ouija boards, or calling upon entities for spells and rituals, some due to natural surroundings and others it is unknown as to how the come to be there.

Wherever the portal may be, and regardless of how it was opened, if it is somewhere where it needs to be closed, there is a way to do it.

Closing a Portal

Whenever possible, you should be in front of the portal while performing a portal closing. If it is not possible, then you should use an image that represents the portal. Treat the image as if it were the portal itself. This image can be a hand-drawing, or an actual photo of the location of the portal. You can also use an object that represents the portal; a small box, or some glued together popsicle sticks. It doesn’t really matter what you use to represent the portal in absence of being in front of the actual portal itself as long as what you use you treat as if it is the portal itself. If using a representation of the portal, make sure it is something that can be burned. This will help to seal the portal when you are finished.

Salt. You will need salt. Stand in a circle of salt to perform ritual. You will also need the salt for throwing at the portal (or representation of the portal) at appropriate times during the ritual. Such as when you are commanding it cleansed and closed, etc.

Candles. Candles should be lining your circle as well as a path to the portal. This is your path of energy that may not be penetrated by any other entity that you have not chosen to pass through. Candles will be lit upon casing your circle. Use whichever colors you are drawn to for this; go with what feels right.

Incense. Incense is recommended. Something that suits banishing, and or calming. If you are unsure what to use, just use what feels right at the time. We recommend Sage, Dragons Blood, or a Banishment mixture for a cleansing.

You are going to want to call upon all of the elements for this as well as whichever Gods or Goddesses that you work with. Go with your beliefs because it is your beliefs that will help you. These will be called when casting your circle.

DO NOT use crystals for this because whatever is through that portal may attach itself to the crystals. If you are banishing negative entities, you should never ever use crystals or stones as the entity can be trapped within the stone or crystal; that can be very dangerous for anyone in possession of that stone or crystal if that should happen. So take off any jewelry that contains crystals and stones and remove them from the area before beginning.

You will want to write the command ahead of time, making sure to use phrases such as “Away”, and “I command you”, and “I order you closed”, etc. Pick your own words that fit, but make sure they are commands that cannot be overpowered. Write it in a way that is easy to recite, and your intent is clear. You will need to recite your command multiple times as you bind and throw your salt.

(Strange stuff might happen, so beware.) 

Don’t be surprised if stuff starts flying around the room or you hear strange noises. Remain in control no matter what happens.

Make it known that only YOU have the power to open this portal and use it and it will remain closed until such time as you see fit to open it, if ever.

If demons or negative entities are involved: Target the banishment of any demons in the spell so that they can never come through even if it is opened again. Also, if you have specific negative entities or demons that you are dealing with alongside this portal, you may want to bind them before banishing them. Use their name (if they have given you one); you always want to use their name when banishing them if you can. While doing so, do not show any fear, these types of entities feed on your fear. Your fear gives them power; so no fear means no power for them and all the power for you.

If there are no entities involved in the closing of the portal that need to be dealt with, then you can leave out the above step.

Once you have gone through the ritual (as many times in a row as needed), you should feel the portal close.

If using a representation of the portal, this is the time to burn it. Speak words of the closing and “never to open again” or “you are now sealed forever”, etc. to close the portal once and for all.  Dispose of the ashes. Sweep up the salt and dispose of it. I suggest spreading the cast sat outside as if it is ashes to disperse the energy that has been “cleansed”. You can say a little something as you dispose of it to ensure that whatever is contained within it is all gone.



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