Basic do’s and don’ts

What To Do:

Be courteous to fellow investigators

Be respectful of your surroundings and your clients privacy and beliefs.

Be friendly and helpful to those around you – i.e. if someone is having difficulty or is unsure about a piece of equipment, etc. offer assistance.

Listen to your Team Leader.  If they put restrictions on areas to investigate, etc. its usually because they have your safety and best interest in mind.

Practice good protection ritual/preparation prior to investigation

 Practice good cleansing techniques after the Investigation (no attachments going home to play with you)

What Not To Do


No Drugs

No Smoking

No Drinking of alcoholic beverages for at least 8 hrs prior to and  during an investigation.

Never investigate alone. and don’t wander off, for safety and also for corroborate of evidence

Don’t be grumpy or have a bad attitude. (this can attract negative entities that might attach to you)


What To Bring


A  Flashlight- small, (with red filter if possible to prevent loss of  your eyes adjustment to the dark)

Extra Batteries (entities need energy to materialize but wee need it to run equiptment)

Digital camera

EMF detector/Gauss Meter/Tri-Field Meter

Extra batteries

Small First Aid Kit

Voice recorder, analog (tape) or digital

Infrared Digital Thermometer

Video Camera

Extra Batteries

Bottled Water, Energy Drinks, Lots of Coffee ( you need to keep hydrated and awake)

Energy Bars

Note Book & Pen


What Not To Bring


Alcohol or Drugs!

Negative thoughts



 What Not To Wear


Do not wear high heels or open toed shoes.

Do not wear clothing with any kind of reflective surfaces.

Do not wear clothing that makes noise, such as windbreaker material, corduroys, taps on heels of shoes  (that make clicking sounds).

Do not wear any jewelry that is big and flashy.  (this can reflect in video/photos)

Do not wear perfume or cologne, or use heavy scented soaps (Some entities try and communicated with smells, we don’t want to get confused  between you and the entity)

Do not chew gum or mints (same reason as above and noisy for evp sessions)

Do not wear clothing that may offend the client or others on the team. (be professional)




Be Safe and good Luck.




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