Why is this location/Person Haunted

There are many reasons why a location may become haunted or person becomes a target of a spirit, be it good or evil. Here are a few possible reasons:

  1. The spirit had lived on the property or in the building that is being affected, so the spirit still feels it holds title to the property and the client is trespassing.
  2. The spirit has a connection to the persons involved prior to its death. It may feel the need to communicate to the living, to say goodbye, let them know of something it feels is important for them to know or just does not want to leave their loved ones and may not realize it is scaring them.
  3. The spirit is held at the location by a Demonic entity to do its bidding.
  4. Someone in the home may have traveled somewhere, and intrigued the spirit. (this is usually how investigators obtain an attachment and bring things home if they are not careful.)
  5. Someone may have traveled somewhere and brought home a souvanier with a spirit attachment.
  6. The entity,(either good or evil) happened to be passing by and decided it liked the property and decided to stake a claim.
  7. A traumatic event may have taken place and the spirit may not know it has died.
  8. In the event of spirits in cemeteries, it is like a person and his favorite shirt or possession. They just don’t want to loose/leave their body.
  9. The person may have opened some doorways for Demonic entities to enter their lives.
  10. The persons involved  may have a generational issues.


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