Why Are Ghosts More Active at Night?

Most paranormal investigations occur at night because paranormal activity seems to be more active between midnight and 4am.This I feel is partly due to the fact that most terrestrial activity is over because most people sleep at night, and along with that most electrical appliances are not in use. So it is easier to detect activity and rule out EMF from appliances that are in use.

There is a more scientific reason also for paranormal activity to increase at night. This has to do with the relation of the Sun and the earth. Energies affiliated with hauntings seem to be electromagnetic in nature. The sun is a large naturally occurring nuclear reactor in the solar system. It is constantly blasting the earth with enormous amounts of alpha, gamma, x-ray, and cosmic radiation, combined they are known as the solar winds. The earth and all its inhabitants are protected from this radiation by several protective layers that block approximately 99% of these rays. One of these is the magnetosphere, which is a magnetic field that radiates from both poles longitudinally in a funnel shape. The Interaction of these radiation particles and the magnetosphere can be seen in the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights ) and the Aurora Australis (the Southern Lights) where the magnetosphere is the thinnest. Beneath the magnetosphere, is the ionosphere This layer reflects the natural electromagnetic field (EMF) of the earth back down to the earths surface.

The force of the solar wind compresses the magnetosphere on the side of the earth facing the sun which also compresses the ionosphere closer to the surface of the earth causing the earths natural EMF to become more chaotic and bounced back ad forth in a small area(picture when you bounce a ping-pong ball with a paddle, then bring the paddle closr to the able and the ball bounces faster as the paddle gets closer to the table). As the solar winds roll over the earth the magnetosphere and the ionosphere extend outward away from the planet on the night time side. This also allows for the earths own magnetic field to expand and become calmer (For proof of this just tune into an AM radio or a CB radio at night you can pick up stations from around the nation and sometimes distant countries), which in turn it is theorized that the spirit world can then tap into these calm, free flowing solar and geomagnetic energies.

The only time this is not true and the magnetosphere is equal all around the world happens every 18 years. And only lasts approximately 7 minutes and that is during a solar eclipse, when the moon blocks the solar winds. It’s definitely considered the ultimate time to capture paranormal evidence.
So it is imperative that you monitor and note in your investigation notes and report what the solar and geomagnetic force activity is.

In Summary, The solar winds are forcing the electromagmetic field in towards the earth on the daylight side so Entities do not have it to use to materialize or interact, where as on the dark side (facing away from sun) the EMF is traveling up from the earth out into space so this is ripe feeding grounds for anything that needs this type of energy to interact.

You can go online to check both solar and geomagnetic activity at www.N3KL.org

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