Residual Hauntings & Psychic Imprint, A natural recording or haunting?

Now we begin to look at some of the confusing issues concerning ghost hunting. There is a phenomenon known as a “psychic imprint” or as more commonly known “a residual Haunting”.

What this entails is an apparition that appears to be a spirit but in actuality, it is nothing more than a recording. For example, you walk into the laundry room of a house that basically hasn’t changed from when the structure was first built, the washer and dryer are in the same location, etc…and you see what looks like a full body apparition of someone standing by the wash machine. You are at first startled because someone is in your house, then you yell at this person but get know response. She then turns and walks toward the window, you then notice that you

can see through her. Holy Crap!!! It’s a ghost! Well, if you haven’t run out of the room yet, you notice that she doesn’t seem to notice that you are there. As she goes about her routine, then she slowly fades away.


Well my friend, you have just seen something that more than likely, occurred many years, decades or Centuries before, a replay of history we like to label, a “residual haunting”. What creates these “psychic imprints? The one of the primary accepted belief is that during a time of a great physical or emotional (good or bad) event in a person’s life, that person’s energy can be “imprinted” into a location. The person need not be deceased; they could be living in the home still or miles away. An example might be the case noted above, possibly the woman suffered from a domestic violence situation, or the loss of a loved one or financial stress.
So how do you tell the difference between a residual haunting and a true haunting? The answer to that seems easy enough; in the case of a residual haunting, there is no actual spirit present. Therefore, it will not react to the presence of a living person. So if you ran up to it, screamed, throw something at it, the “apparition” would not react to that. If this was a spirit, she would have reacted in some way and probably be a little annoyed or even upset with your actions.


How-ever, there is another belief out there, that looks at these apparitions (if the person is deceased) are truly spirits that just exist on another plain of consciousness that we nor they can see beyond..  They feel that even though science states energy cannot be created or destroyed, that it always has and will exist (sounds a little like science is talking about God.) but back to the subject at hand. They look at it this way; to debunk the thought of an “imprint” Lets imagine that you have a VCR (the haunted location) and you put in a blank tape (the geological or man made structure) and capture a person doing some task on your VHS tape, this is captured by converting the actual image by means of electromagnetic energy being infused on the tape. (Just as the residual image is imprinted to the location). The residual scene that plays out over and over as if the VCR had a times repeat play setting.  Over time the electromagnetic charge wears out Just like a natural energy source dissipates over time) and the video slowly degrades and soon does not play any longer. Therefore, no picture, unless you can somehow re-energize the tape by re-recording, but this is impossible because the original person and the scene are long gone.


Now look at it from their point of view. If this was not an “imprint” but an actual cognizant being that is just in another dimension, for arguments sake, (I apologize to the atheists’  reading this book) either “Heaven or Hell” this maybe what that person either enjoyed doing or loathed, and is continuing it into the afterlife.

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