Non-Corporeal Entities and Children


From the beginning of the history of reports of Ghosts, Spirits, Demons, (in other words Non-Corporeal Entities), Children have been a centerpiece in a major portion of claims, whether it is the person being affected or as the entity itself.

Why is it that children seem to see entities more than adults?  Before we try and answer that, Lets see a simplified explanation of the brains development. We must first look at several issues, such as environment, social teachings/beliefs, thought processes of and stages of development of the human brain, and self image.

First, we will talk about the development of the brain.  Many factors influence the early development of the brain such as diet, daily experiences, and the feedback received from those around the child. With the advancement of technologies, scientists can observe how the brain functions. Most of the Brain’s cells are formed before birth, but the neurological connections are made during infancy thru early childhood. By the time a child is 36 months old, the brain has formed approximately one thousand trillion connections. An average adult brain has only about half that number. And is twice as active as an average adult, and will stay that way till around the age of 10 years. Then around the age of 11 years, the brain begins to prune extra connections. This is based on the usage of those connections, as the child has repeated experiences, such as when adults repeat words or phrases, the language pathways/connections become permanent.  Also the feedback given by adults and peers can influence how the child thinks, and also repressed usage of certain areas.

If you ask a skeptic, they will tell you it is the child’s overactive imagination. Another theory is that children are able to see the spirit realm at a young age, be it an “imaginary friend”, or talking to a relative that had passed prior to the child being born, or before the child could remember that person because they have a connection to this realm prior to birth, and another is that their brains are more complex in the early years allowing use of areas that later become inactive. I believe in the last two theories, how-ever the pre-birth concept can not be proven scientifically, so we will concentrate on the last theory.

I believe all children have the ability to see into the spirit realm. But over time, they are trained or conditioned to ignore this ability and to not trust in what they they are seeing, therefore causing the brain to shut down those neuro-connection, to be lost for the most part forever.

We as adults for the most part, are already trained by society, our peers, and family to only believe in what mainstream science and religion dictates. Some have been able to resist this coercion, either by parental support, or the brain not pruning certain connections allowing them to continue seeing into this realm either mentally (clairvoyant),  audio logically (clairaudient), or as what is known as a medium, where one can both see, hear and talk to these entities.

Also, we are taught if you can’t see it then it isn’t real, it is non-existent. But, with the technical advancements in science we are able to see things that were invisible to the human eye, such as virus’s, bacteria, DNA sequences, Atoms, even into the spectrums of light and energy that the human eye can not see.

As for the skeptics claim of it being the child overactive imagination, I present the case of Autistic Children. Even though there are many variations in the symptoms of the disease, Autistic persons, use literal/visual thought processes.  They lack the ability to use abstract thinking, many of these children who have been reported as seeing apparitions do not have the ability to have imagination, they cannot process single let alone multiple concepts that would be needed to make up a ghost. They do not know the concept of lying because they cannot reason cause and effect. Their brains have many of the neuro connections that we with “normal” thought processes have lost.

As a parent, one wants to protect your child. In doing so, we continue this cycle and begin the process of training our children to block these abilities. Have you told our youngster when they come into your room at night, that what they saw wasn’t real, it was only a bad dream or it was just their imagination because of eating or watching television before bed as you tuck them back into bed and turn on their night light to calm their primal fear of the dark. Or telling you child that his imaginary friend is not real, when in fact it could be a spirit. (Human or In-Human).

I feel that if your child comes to you saying they saw a ghost, you should hear out your child.


Try and quell your child’s fear, comfort them, give them water, hold and cuddle with them, make them comfortable and safe.


Sit with them, and ask them to try and explain what they saw or heard, do not press them for information, let them tell you what they feel comfortable with letting out.


Listen to your child, and give them your full attention (even I this is in the middle of the night, what is more important, your sleep or you child?


Ask them how they feel, are they afraid of the event or do they look upon it as a friendly situation.


Do not freak out over or belittle your child’s revelations, this can push your child away; make them feel insecure, and alone. It takes a lot for a child to open up. Also if they feel you will not believe what they saw they might not come to you if the activity increases.


Do not try and tell your child it was all their imagination, and that ghosts are not real, it can alienate them, make them doubt themselves or have them feel you think they are either a liar or crazy.  Children pick up on parents’ moods and thoughts.


Let them know you are there for them. In their minds, you as a parent are their guardians, their protectors.


Do not rely solely on information gleaned from the internet, or family and friends.


If you are a person of faith, talk with your clergy, if they are not receptive to this topic, find one that is.



Do not just accept that this is paranormal in nature; there are real psychiatric illnesses that can manifest in early childhood. Consult with your child’s physician if this continues or if there are signs the child might injure themselves or others.


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