Human Hauntings aka: Intellegent Hauntings


A note: Since demonic entities often impersonate humans to keep us from understanding truly what happens in the higher dimensional plane of the spirit worlds, it is difficult to separate the two.  I’m not saying there is no such thing as a ghost, we just really don’t know what they are, how they exist and what we are actually dealing with when experiencing this phenomena. You’ll just have to pray and play it by ear.  With that in mind let’s proceed

There are two types of Human Spirits, these are:

  1. 1.  Human-Good: This entity more than likely doesn’t realize it has past on and is continuing to carry on with its life and id it does, it is probably just as confused and frightened as you. Wondering who all these people are in its home.
  2. 2.  Human-Evil This entity knows it has passed on but either by its’ nature when it was on this level of existence and therefore by its’ own choice, or by its’ ensnarement by a demonic entity, works in unison with undr a demonic entity to cause harm.


Below are a few signs of a human/intelligent haunt:

  • Smelling perfume that no one is wearing
  • Scent of tobacco or pipe smoke when no one has lit      up
  • Sounds of someone going about their daily routine      that is no longer with us.
  • Are your belongings moved after you put them where      they ought to be. (This is often a trait of demonic activity used to      slowly unhinge your grasp on sanity).
  • Remembering something that has not happened to you,      or, having a memory projected into your mind. When in certain rooms or      using pieces of furniture having a sense of past activities that may have      occurred {if you are a sensitive you will know.  For the      vulnerable this is a tactic often used by the demonic to influence someone      to detach from the present and their life by getting lost in someone      else’s past
  • Some sensitive’s may also become influenced by the      deceased. Displaying the dead persons traits or mannerisms {Once again      be aware, this may also be a symptom of possession or multiple personality      disorder. Pray to God that he give you the insight to see what is really      going on and that you don’t need to take the “victim” to a      psychiatrist!}
  • Cold spots on furniture or in rooms {Using      discernment to tell whether or not this is human or non human.  The      more experience you have with this phenomena the easier it will be over      time for you to tell what it is.}


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