Demonic Hauntings



Some of these symptoms may be side effects of medication or mental & physical illness. You must insure of a good background check on all persons involved.


Common Manifestations:

  • Seeing black humanoids or black dogs.
  • Ghost like entities with missing features  {without eyes is common}.
  • Growling noises that do not have a source in this realm.
  • Being pinched, punched, or slapped when nothing is there.
  • Have you been sexually assaulted or raped by something invisible.
  • Are you held down or grabbed by something you cannot see.
  • Nighttime paralysis when awake & lucid {often associated with a Manifistation/visitation, not naturally occurring sleep paralysis that occurs while dreaming}.
  • Abrupt head pains or nausea that passes when sensing fear.
  • Scratches on your body when no one is there.
  • Anomalous voices such as preternaturally deep, very fast, or angry.
  • Becoming abruptly ill without cause.
  • Voices that seem to come from deep inside walls, shouting your name, fighting or having orgies.
  • A naturally sturdy person becoming weary or faint.
  • Regular daily fatigue setting in when you were  normally healthy.
  • Beset by insomnia {this is also a symptom of  demonic oppression. they break us down by keeping us awake for long periods to break our will.  We are much easier to influence after being kept awake for too long}.
  • Are you often seized with unexplainable fear that makes you feel physically ill
  • Do you feel as if your organs [heart or lungs]  are seized or made to palpitate by something that you sense to be evil  {this is odd for someone who does not have an ailment such as asthma or heart disease}.
  • Suddenly feeling hot spots or freezing areas may also be a manifestation of a demon.
  • Items you use daily that you do not misplace disappearing, after losing your mind tearing apart your house for the fifth time are never found again (THIS COULD ALSO BE POLTERGEIST ACTIVITY).
  • popping sounds often accompany demonic activity {not  house settling noises, more of an electrical type of sound}.
  • Knocking or booming noises may occur in the  foundation or walls of a home.  They have a muffled fx filtered  sound, they sound synthesized or fake somehow. {often misdiagnosed as a poltergeist}.
  • Are you a naturally cheerful person who is abruptly taken over by despair or rage {You consider yourself to be free of  mental illness}.
  • Have you experienced being swiftly taken over by an urge to kill yourself {and you are not suicidal}.
  • Do your pets often growl or act fearful of something you cannot see {Animals see into spectrums of light or energy our eye’s do not}.
  • Are you suddenly plagued by suspicion of trusted  friends and family without real reasons {Once again you have not been diagnosed with any mania or schizophrenia}.
  • Are you suddenly experiencing aberrant thoughts {To be sexually savage or to rape & harm humans and animals}.
  • Are you receiving vivid impulses to cut or hurt  yourself .
  • sudden putrid smells or smells of sulfur {this isn’t just something that happens on “Supernatural”).

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