An Introduction and Warning

Welcome to the world of Paranormal Investigations. This is an ever-growing field and one that has many levels to it as I will review below.


There are those who consider ghost hunting to be a hobby. For many, the idea is to go to haunted places, take pictures, set up tape recorders and hope for the best. There are many “meet-up groups” and inexperienced “Paranormal Investigations Societies” that are participating in this type of “hunting”.  To these I say, live this through the TV and the many entertainment shows on cable. Take up some other hobby like cooking, that way when someone becomes ill due to your hobby you can go to your doctor to get it fixed. The truth is…People have and do get hurt, both physically and mentally. We have seen Investigators and hobbyists’ who have had their lives turned upside down after seemingly quiet investigations. They have ended up in hospitals, commit suicide, had their animals die, and lost family, friends and jobs. We have seen tight knit groups disband after investigating sites. So Take care and really think about what the potential dangers and loss might be.
For many others, ghost hunting is really something more than a hobby. For these people, they want to understand more about life in general and what happens to us when life as we know it ends. It is interesting how many people believe that the key to life can be found with the dead. That idea is not without some merit. After all, if anything can make you a believer in life after death, spotting a ghost will surely do it.

Still others study this field with the thoughts of research in mind. This is a challenging way to approach ghost hunting and it carries with it some difficulty. Attempting to scientifically test and prove haunting phenomena can be extremely frustrating because let us face it: ghosts do not always cooperate with us and our efforts. However, there is much to be learned and if you approach it properly, that is with no set expectations in mind; you will be surprised what you can learn.

An then there are groups like ours, these groups are far and few between, they are made up of those who work in this field in order to help those who are suffering from the torments of some form of preternatural or supernatural phenomena. It takes a certain type of individual to do this type of work because unlike the other groups listed; this one carries with it many risks. As soon as an investigator accepts a case, (and sometimes before that) he or she has put themselves right into the crosshairs. It is one thing to be followed by a benign spirit that drew your interest in a haunted bed and breakfast establishment; it is something entirely different when you are followed home by an evil spirit who just happens to be angry with you for interfering in its plan. This is a situation that can cause you a few problems. Having the best of intentions does not guarantee you protection.

Why Are Ghosts More Active at Night?

Most paranormal investigations occur at night because paranormal activity seems to be more active between midnight and 4 a.m. This, I feel is partly due to the fact that most terrestrial activity is over because most people sleep at night, and along with that most electrical appliances are not in use. So it is easier to detect activity and rule out EMF from appliances that are in use.This does not mean that Entities are not there or active in a the daylight hours.

There is a more scientific reason also for paranormal activity to increase at night. This has to do with the relation of the Sun and the earth. Energies affiliated with haunting’s seem to be electromagnetic in nature. The sun is a large naturally occurring nuclear reactor in the solar system. It is constantly blasting the earth with enormous amounts of alpha, gamma, x-ray, and cosmic radiation, combined they are known as the solar winds. The earth and all its inhabitants are protected from this radiation by several protective layers that block approximately 99% of these rays. One of these is the magnetosphere, which is a magnetic field that radiates from both poles longitudinally in a funnel shape. The Interaction of these radiation particles and the magnetosphere can be seen in the aurora borealis (the Northern Lights ) and the aurora australis (the Southern Lights) where the magnetosphere is the thinnest. Beneath the magnetosphere, is the ionosphere This layer reflects the natural electromagnetic field (EMF) of the earth back down to the earths surface.

The force of the solar wind compresses the magnetosphere on the side of the earth facing the sun which also compresses the ionosphere closer to the surface of the earth causing the earths natural EMF to become more chaotic and bounced back ad forth in a small area(picture when you bounce a ping-pong ball with a paddle, then bring the paddle closer to the able and the ball bounces faster as the paddle gets closer to the table). As the solar winds roll over the earth the magnetosphere and the ionosphere extend outward away from the planet on the night time side. This also allows for the earths own magnetic field to expand and become calmer (For proof of this just tune into an AM radio or a CB radio at night you can pick up stations from around the nation and sometimes distant countries), which in turn it is theorized that the spirit world can then tap into these calm, free flowing solar and geomagnetic energies. 

In Summary, The solar winds are forcing the electromagnetic field in towards the earth on the daylight side so Entities do not have it to use to materialize or interact, where as on the dark side (facing away from sun) the EMF is traveling up from the earth out into space so this is ripe feeding grounds for anything that needs this type of energy to interact.

The only time this is not true and the magnetosphere is equal all around the world happens every 18 years. And only lasts approximately 7 minutes and that is during a solar eclipse, when the moon blocks the solar winds. It’s definitely considered the ultimate time to capture paranormal evidence.

So it is imperative that you monitor and note in your investigation notes and report what the solar and geomagnetic force activity is.

You can look up solar, geomagnetic and weather activity under our weather tab or go online to check both solar and geomagnetic activity at www.N3KL.org

There is also a less scientific reason but more based on Judeo-Christian Religious Beliefs and Superstitions (Which I also believe in along with the previous scientific findings) that Christ was supposed to have been crucified at 3 pm therefore the opposite or anti crucifixion time would be 3:00 am allowing restless spirits and negative entities free to roam and cause havoc. In the West this is also known as the Witching Hour.




Non-Corporeal Entities and Children



From the beginning of the history of reports of Ghosts, Spirits, Demons, (in other words Non-Corporeal Entities), Children have been a centerpiece in a major portion of claims, whether it is the person being affected or as the entity itself.

Why is it that children seem to see entities more than adults?  Before we try and answer that, Lets see a simplified explanation of the brains development. We must first look at several issues, such as environment, social teachings/beliefs, thought processes of and stages of development of the human brain, and self image.

First, we will talk about the development of the brain.  Many factors influence the early development of the brain such as diet, daily experiences, and the feedback received from those around the child. With the advancement of technologies, scientists can observe how the brain functions. Most of the Brain’s cells are formed before birth, but the neurological connections are made during infancy thru early childhood. By the time a child is 36 months old, the brain has formed approximately one thousand trillion connections. An average adult brain has only about half that number. And is twice as active as an average adult, and will stay that way till around the age of 10 years. Then around the age of 11 years, the brain begins to prune extra connections. This is based on the usage of those connections, as the child has repeated experiences, such as when adults repeat words or phrases, the language pathways/connections become permanent.  Also the feedback given by adults and peers can influence how the child thinks, and also repressed usage of certain areas.

If you ask a skeptic, they will tell you it is the child’s overactive imagination. Another theory is that children are able to see the spirit realm at a young age, be it an “imaginary friend”, or talking to a relative that had passed prior to the child being born, or before the child could remember that person because they have a connection to this realm prior to birth, and another is that their brains are more complex in the early years allowing use of areas that later become inactive. I believe in the last two theories, how-ever the pre-birth concept can not be proven scientifically, so we will concentrate on the last theory.

I believe all children have the ability to see into the spirit realm. But over time, they are trained or conditioned to ignore this ability and to not trust in what they they are seeing, therefore causing the brain to shut down those neuro-connection, to be lost for the most part forever.

We as adults for the most part, are already trained by society, our peers, and family to only believe in what mainstream science and religion dictates. Some have been able to resist this coercion, either by parental support, or the brain not pruning certain connections allowing them to continue seeing into this realm either mentally (clairvoyant),  audio logically (clairaudient), or as what is known as a medium, where one can both see, hear and talk to these entities.

Also, we are taught if you can’t see it then it isn’t real, it is non-existent. But, with the technical advancements in science we are able to see things that were invisible to the human eye, such as virus’s, bacteria, DNA sequences, Atoms, even into the spectrums of light and energy that the human eye can not see.

As for the skeptics claim of it being the child overactive imagination, I present the case of Autistic Children. Even though there are many variations in the symptoms of the disease, Autistic persons, use literal/visual thought processes.  They lack the ability to use abstract thinking, many of these children who have been reported as seeing apparitions do not have the ability to have imagination, they cannot process single let alone multiple concepts that would be needed to make up a ghost. They do not know the concept of lying because they cannot reason cause and effect. Their brains have many of the neuro connections that we with “normal” thought processes have lost.

As a parent, one wants to protect your child. In doing so, we continue this cycle and begin the process of training our children to block these abilities. Have you told our youngster when they come into your room at night, that what they saw wasn’t real, it was only a bad dream or it was just their imagination because of eating or watching television before bed as you tuck them back into bed and turn on their night light to calm their primal fear of the dark. Or telling you child that his imaginary friend is not real, when in fact it could be a spirit. (Human or In-Human).

I feel that if your child comes to you saying they saw a ghost, you should hear out your child.


Try and quell your child’s fear, comfort them, give them water, hold and cuddle with them, make them comfortable and safe.


Sit with them, and ask them to try and explain what they saw or heard, do not press them for information, let them tell you what they feel comfortable with letting out.


Listen to your child, and give them your full attention (even I this is in the middle of the night, what is more important, your sleep or you child?


Ask them how they feel, are they afraid of the event or do they look upon it as a friendly situation.


Do not freak out over or belittle your child’s revelations, this can push your child away; make them feel insecure, and alone. It takes a lot for a child to open up. Also if they feel you will not believe what they saw they might not come to you if the activity increases.


Do not try and tell your child it was all their imagination, and that ghosts are not real, it can alienate them, make them doubt themselves or have them feel you think they are either a liar or crazy.  Children pick up on parents’ moods and thoughts.


Let them know you are there for them. In their minds, you as a parent are their guardians, their protectors.


Do not rely solely on information gleaned from the internet, or family and friends.


If you are a person of faith, talk with your clergy, if they are not receptive to this topic, find one that is.



Do not just accept that this is paranormal in nature; there are real psychiatric illnesses that can manifest in early childhood. Consult with your child’s physician if this continues or if there are signs the child might injure themselves or others.

Why is this location/Person Haunted

There are many reasons why a location may become haunted or person becomes a target of a spirit, be it good or evil. Here are a few possible reasons:


  • The spirit had lived on the property or in the building that is being affected, so the spirit still feels it holds title to the property and the client is trespassing.


  •  The spirit has a connection to the persons involved prior to its death. It may feel the need to communicate to the living, to say goodbye, let them know of something it feels is important for them to know or just does not want to leave their loved ones and may not realize it is scaring them.


  • The spirit is held at the location by a Demonic entity to do its bidding.


  • Someone in the home may have traveled somewhere, and intrigued the spirit. (this is usually how investigators obtain an attachment and bring things home if they are not careful.)


  • Someone may have traveled somewhere and brought home a souvanier with a spirit attachment.


  • The entity,(either good or evil) happened to be passing by and decided it liked the property and decided to stake a claim.


  • A traumatic event may have taken place and the spirit may not know it has died.


  • In the event of spirits in cemeteries, it is like a person and his favorite shirt or possession. They just don’t want to loose/leave their body.


  • The person may have opened some doorways for Demonic entities to enter their lives.


  • The persons involved  may have a generational issues.




Residual Hauntings & Psychic Imprint – A natural recording or haunting?

There is a phenomenon known as a “psychic imprint” or as more commonly known, a Residual Haunting.

What this entails is an apparition that appears to be a spirit but in actuality, it is nothing more than a recording. For example, you walk into the laundry room of a house that basically hasn’t changed from when the structure was first built, the washer and dryer are in the same location, etc…and you see what looks like a full body apparition of someone standing by the wash machine. You are at first startled because someone is in your house, then you yell at this person but get no response. She then turns and walks toward the window, you then notice that you can see through her. Holy Crap!!! It’s a ghost! Well, if you haven’t run out of the room yet, you notice that she doesn’t seem to notice that you are there. As she goes about her routine, then she slowly fades away.

Well my friend, you have just seen something that more than likely, has occurred many years, decades or Centuries before, a replay of history we like to label, a “residual haunting”. What creates these “psychic imprints”? The primary accepted belief is that during a time of a great physical or emotional event in a person’s life (either good or bad), that person’s emotional energy can be “imprinted” into a location, like a video. The person need not be deceased; they could be living in the home still or miles or away or years afterwards. An example might be as follows: woman suffered from a domestic violence situation, or the loss of a loved one or financial stress, or it could be just the joy of doing thier daily routine.

So how do you tell the difference between a residual haunting and a true haunting? The answer to that seems easy enough; in the case of a residual haunting, there is no actual spirit present. Therefore, it will not react to the presence of a living person. So if you ran up to it, screamed, throw something at it, the “apparition” would not react to that. If this was a spirit, she would have reacted in some way and probably be a little annoyed or even upset with your actions. Another is that the scene usually plays over again and again around the same time. this could be daily, yearly etc..

How-ever, there is another belief out there, that looks at these apparitions (if the person is deceased) are truly spirits that just exist on another plain of consciousness that we nor they can see beyond.. They agree with the theory that science states energy cannot be created or destroyed, that it always has and will exist (sounds a little like science is talking about God, Just saying.)

If this was not an “imprint” but an actual cognizant being that is just in another dimension, or for arguments sake, either “Heaven or Hell” this maybe what that person either enjoyed doing or loathed, and is continuing it into the afterlife.

They look at it this way; to debunk the thought of an “imprint” Lets imagine that you have a VCR (the haunted location) and you put in a blank tape (the geological or man made structure) and capture a person doing some task on your VHS tape, this is captured by converting the actual image by means of electromagnetic energy being infused on the tape. (Just as the residual image is imprinted to the location). The residual scene that plays out over and over as if the VCR had been placedon the repeat play setting. Over time the electromagnetic charge on the tape wears out, just as a natural energy source would dissipate over time and the video slowly degrades and soon does not play any longer. Therefore, no picture, unless you can somehow re-energize the tape by re-recording, but this is impossible in this case because the original person and the scene are long gone. Residual hauntings do not fade in time, so it is thier belief that this proves that these are real spirits just trapped/existing in another demension.

The only issue with this is that it does not explain a case when the image is that of someone still alive.

As with every scientific field this is a matter of theory and opinions.

Disposal or Cleansing of Items with Attachments

     I was sitting in the breakroom at work, when a co-worker came in and opened a shopping bag of trinkets he brought from Mardi Gras in New Orleans, amongst the beads was a voodoo doll he obtained for someone. This gave me the idea and the need for this article.


We do not guarantee the effectiveness of the information contained in the following article. How-ever, They have been used with success, but as with any dealings with the paranormal world, they can have a backlash effect if not performed properly…



        With just one visit to John Zaffis’s museum or it’s website, one can see that anything can have an attachment or as some say become possessed. There are several way to deal with these items.

If the items do not pose a threat or cause problems you might choose to live with How-ever if the item is causing issues,you can follow the next few items, both of which will be discussed in detail in the following sections.

You can either cleanse the object or you can have the item destroyed. Either way DO NOT  throw the item in the trash, or destroy the item without first following the below listed steps and using proper disposal techniques.


The following can be dangerous and cause the conditions you are experiencing to escalte.


Before starting any of the following we advise you to employ what ever means to protect yourself, as you would prior to any investigation, such as prayer, relics etc..

First off, If the Item is a Ouija Board, Do not attempt to destroy this item until after the entity is sent back and the portal through which it came is closed, (otherwise the entity is trapped here and it will only infuriate it and can cause serious harm). After the preceding  has beem accomplished you can follow with proper disposal techniques noted here.

If the item in question is small enough and its’ composition allows it, you could smudge the item then submerge it in Blessed Salt within a sealed container, leave it at least 45 days. This should either drive out the entity or at least weaken it enough to make it leave.

The best and only way to insure that the entity is banished is to destroy the item and disposed of in the proper way.

Other items need to smudged, cleansed with Blessed Salt and Holy Water, then either burned or destoyed and the parts / ashes disposed of in either the ocean or if not close, any moving body of water.

Finally,  if you have someone you don’t care for very much,  you can gift them the object (we don’t condone this, remember Karma-what goes around ).



Anomalous Forms

There are several types of anomalous forms that some consider paranormal in nature, and others like to think they are naturally occurring phenomena. Due to this fact we must insure that we investigate the evidence thoroughly. Look for any natural or man made causes. Remember, debunk, debunk, debunk…I’d rather toss out an actual paranormal event, than extend bogus evidence and ruin the reputation of the group, field and myself.


Orbs are circles or balls of light that may be visible to the naked eye or might only appear on media such as video or still photos. But what are these things? No one really knows for sure. Most “experts” only refer to orbs caught on media that are invisible to the naked eye, how-ever, they will not talk about the orbs that are seen by the naked eye, and act intelligently because this phenomena would blow their credibility out of the water.

Per the skeptics and also the all knowing Ghost hunters out there that exclaim “All Orbs are natural!”, That they are the result of light reflections and flares. (A flare occurs when a camera is pointed toward a bright light source.) Photographers are well acquainted with this common optic effect, which can result in a six-sided Orb image, or the color spectrum. Other naturally explained photographic Orb images result from dust, pollen, snow, ice crystals, rain or other moisture, which are illuminated at close range by a camera flash. These particles can appear large and far away, but this is an optical illusion, since they are literally right in front of the camera lens. These Orbs have no life or intelligence. They are simply light reflections of tiny particles right in front of the camera lens.

New Age” followers and spiritualists of all kinds, recognize the Orbs are not lifeless dust or moisture. They believe these unexplainable circles of light are supernatural, “paranormal” life forms, spiritual in nature. Some believe the Orbs are the souls of dead people, trapped between dimensions. Others believe the Orbs are unique life-forms such as ghosts, spirit guides or angels. Some even believe they are some type of UFO or space aliens.

Unusual Orb images are suddenly appearing, often in great quantity, when they were not in the previous photographs taken seconds before, even though all the environmental and photographic conditions are exactly the same. To assume that invisible, common dust or moisture particles floating in the air, right in front of the camera lens, are all able to suddenly be the exact perfect distance, at the exact same moment to create reflected Orb image, when none were there seconds before is highly improbable and illogical. The Orbs appear to range in size from several millimeters, to three meters in diameter. Photographs taken in sequence can be completely normal with no Orbs, and then the scene is suddenly filled with one to hundreds of these strange bubbles, with no changes in the atmospheric conditions. Orbs of light are being photographed indoors and outdoors, in total darkness and in daylight, at locations all over the world, with all kinds of cameras and flashes. To most people, the Orbs are totally invisible to the “naked eye”, and are only revealed when a camera flash or strobe light is used. However, I know of a number of people who can see them with their naked eyes.

Even so, the best explanation that is being forwarded by those who refuse to consider a supernatural explanation is that all Orbs are simply dust or moisture right in front of the camera. They refuse to consider any other paranormal or supernatural explanations. In a frantic effort to provide an explanation that is not “supernatural”, some people are presenting theories that the unexplainable Orbs are similar to “Ball Lightning”, and can only be explained with Quantum Physics, electromagnetic fields, plasma energy, electrons and photons. Some have coined the word, “Unified Field Plasmoids” to identify the strange Orbs of light. However, real science has not proved any of these theories true.

The problem facing “anti-supernatural” skeptics, scientists and photography experts is that simple, logical explanations don’t fit. For example, a photograph of a partially hidden Orb (one that is behind a person or object) should be impossible to take. These rare photographs completely negate the “tiny particle theory.” I have shot many photos myself that show Orbs behind people, objects and coming through walls!

Many professional photographers and photo lab technicians are candidly admitting in private that they are unable to satisfactorily explain the circular balls of light, which suddenly show up in some photographs. This is because many of the Orb photographs, from all kinds of cameras, film and digital, don’t match the commonly recognized image reflection patterns of dust, pollen, moisture or camera lens light flares.

Ectoplasmic Mists or Fogs:

Coined by a French scientists named Charles Richet in 1894, to explain a third arm that allegedly appeared from a medium named Eusapia Palladino, “ectoplasm” came from the Greek words of “ekto” and “plasma”, meaning “exteriorized substance” In its pure form, ectoplasm resembles white, transparent mucus. While spirit energy may form mists, ectoplasm is the derivative of an attempted manifestation similar to water condensation. It can adhere to objects, while becoming quite viscous in texture and damp in appearance. Although a theoretical substance, scientists would consider ectoplasm akin to plasma because of its highly volatile state.

Some believe that ectoplasm is un-condensed spirit energy that has simply not yet formed into orbs or another anomaly. Many ghost hunters find this theory to be the most plausible!

Another plausible theory is that ectoplasm is residual spirit energy that is left behind from a spirit that was recently in the area of where the photo was taken

Another theory is that ectoplasm could be electro-magnetic energy from the Earth but I don’t go by this theory. It has been reported that electromagnetic fields are typically their strongest during lunar cycles and are usually not otherwise strong enough “energy-wise” to be caught on film. If the electro-magnetic theory is true then why so many AUTHENTIC ectoplasm photos taken at times that do not coincide with strong lunar tides? I’ll let the skeptics answer that one!

No matter how spooky, ghostly and convincing many ecto photos may be, there is one question that always “haunts” us…. What if it was just fog? However, several hundred photos can be taken amongst us during an investigation before one of us capture a single ecto photo. It will be there for one picture then it will be gone without a trace. Additionally, ecto photos are very far and few between. We can do 10 or more investigations, indoors and out, in all sorts of weather conditions without seeing a single trace of ecto in our photos. Though we haven’t yet been fortunate enough to ever capture any indoor ecto photos during any of our investigations, we have seen plenty of them that others have captured in weather conditions where it could not have been caused by breath. Regardless, there is always that little bit of doubt,

The skeptics have a ball with mists and ectoplasm. Its either cigarette smoke or cold breath caught on flash and most of the time this is true but not always. Common sense has to come into play. Its best not to smoke at all but any hunter knows that you don`t smoke while on an investigation. There are many ideas as to what causes ectoplasm or mist out there and the most current is that in Physics energy being moved would assume is natural shape of a sphere while in motion and when it stops the change in motion rearanges the atoms and they spread futher apart and can form into an image of something or someone for a short time .These Orbs can be detected with thermal scanning devices and EMF readings.

Clearly, the key thing we need to remember is, ALL types of fog form when the relative humidity reaches 100% and the air temperature drops below the dewpoint, pushing it lower by forcing the water vapor to condense. Fog can form suddenly, and can dissipate just as rapidly, depending on what side of the dewpoint the temperature is on.

Fog is a cloud in contact with the ground. It occurs when moisture from the surface of the Earth evaporates; as this evaporated moisture moves upward, it cools and condenses into the familiar phenomenon of fog. Fog differs from cloud only in that fog touches the surface of the Earth, while clouds do not. Fog reduces visibility. Although some forms of transport can penetrate fog using radar, road vehicles have to travel slowly and use more lights. Localized fog is especially dangerous, as drivers can be caught by surprise. Fog is particularly hazardous at airports, where some attempts have been made to develop methods (such as using heating or spraying salt particles) to aid fog dispersal. These methods enjoy some success at temperatures below freezing.

Types of Fog

Fog can form in a number of ways, depending on how the cooling that caused the condensation occurred:

Radiation Fog: Radiation fog is formed by the cooling of land after sunset by thermal (infrared) radiation in calm conditions with clear sky. The cool ground then produces condensation in the nearby air by heat conduction. In perfect calm the fog layer can be less than a metre deep but turbulence can promote a thicker layer. Radiation fog is common in autumn and usually does not last long past sunrise.

Ground Fog: Ground fog is fog that obscures less than 60% of the sky and does not extend to the base of any overhead clouds. However, the term is sometimes used to refer to radiation fog.

Advection Fog: Advection fog occurs when moist air passes over cool ground by advection (wind) and is cooled. This form is most common at sea when tropical air encounters cooler higher-latitude waters. It is also extremely common as a warm front passes over an area with significant snowpack.

Steam Fog: Steam fog, also called evaporation fog, is the most localized form and is created by cold air passing over much warmer water or moist land. Water vapor quickly enters the atmosphere by evaporation and condensation occurs once the dewpoint has been reached, thus creating a wispy steam. Steam fog is most common in polar regions, and around deeper and larger lakes in late autumn and early winter. It is closely related to lake-effect snow and lake-effect rain, and often causes freezing fog, or sometimes hoar frost.

Salt Water Fog: Salt fog (or salt-fog) is characteristic of coastal atmospheres; the water droplets of this form of fog, formed by evaporated seawater, carry in solution microscopic particles of salt. It is best known as the airborne cause of corrosion of objects by salt with which coastal inhabitants have to contend. This problem is a major reason why engineering reliability laboratories offer salt-fog or airborne salt corrosion simulation tests.

Precipitation fog: Precipitation fog (or frontal fog) forms as precipitation falls into drier air below the cloud, the liquid droplets evaporate into water vapor. The water vapor cools and at the dewpoint it condenses and fog forms.

Upslope fog: Upslope fog forms when winds blow air up a slope (called orographic lift), adiabatical cooling it as it rises, and causing the moisture in it to condense. This often causes freezing fog on mountaintops, where the cloud ceiling would not otherwise be low enough.

Valley fog: Valley fog forms in mountain valleys, often during winter. It is the result of a temperature inversion caused by heavier cold air settling into the valley, with warmer air passing over the mountains above. It is essentially radiation fog confined by local topography, and can last for several days in calm conditions. In California’s Central Valley, Valley fog is often referred to as Tule fog.

Ice fog: Ice fog is any kind of fog where the droplets have frozen into extremely tiny crystals of ice in midair. Generally this requires temperatures well below the freezing point, making it common only in and near the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Extremely small amounts of this falling from the sky form a type of precipitation called ice crystals, often reported in Barrow, Alaska.

Freezing fog: Freezing fog occurs when liquid fog droplets freeze to surfaces, forming white rime ice. This is very common on mountaintops which are exposed to low cloud. It is equivalent to freezing rain, and essentially the same as the ice that forms inside a freezer which is not of the “frostless” or “frost-free” type.

Artificial fog: Artificial fog is artificially generated fog that is usually created by vaporizing a water and glycol-based or glycerine-based fluid. The fluid is injected into a heated block, and evaporates quickly. The resulting pressure forces the vapor out of the exit. Upon coming into contact


Some use this term to describe a ghost. I am myself guilty of this error. An apparition is actually considered a dark object or being, if seen in the dark it is darker than dark, sometimes shapeless, and other times in humanoid form. An example of this is what is known as a shadow person. These beings have been caught on still and video footage, they move with a purpose. At other times, they might just stand there, as if studying you. Sometimes this can be created in a film camera by either processing errors, the camera body or film cartridge has a light leak.

Vortice or Vortex:

Vortexes are areas of high energy concentrations, originating from magnetic, spiritual, or sometimes unknown sources. Additionally they are considered to be gateways or portals to other realms, both spiritual and dimensional. Vortexes typically exist where there are strong concentrations of gravitational anomalies, in turn creating an environment that can defy gravity, bend light, scare animals, twist plant life into contorted shapes, and cause humans to feel strange. Many vortexes have been shown to be associated with Ley Lines and have been found to be extremely strong at node points where the lines cross. Worldwide, the Great Pyramid in Eygpt and Stonehenge in England are perhaps the most well known as centers of vortex activity, lesser known the Gog and Magog Hills. Often overlooked, not known, or discounted as vortex influences, but equally as powerful and fully interrelated in the overall scheme of things, are Personal Body Vortexes and solar or Sun Votrexes, discussed as well further on.

Besides the worldwide sites mentioned above there are quite powerful vortexes in the United States. The most notable being the Oregon Vortex, Mount Shasta Vortex, and the four Sedona, Arizona vortexes. Superstition Mountain, Arizona is also the home of vortexes. However, unlike the previous three which are more or less permanent, easily sought out and experienced by crowds of tourists, lay persons, and New Agers, the vortexes in the Superstition Mountains, although equally as powerful or maybe even more so, are much more mysterious, subtle, and depend on the coming together of certain, but not always known to all, conditions. Also considered by some as vortex hot spots, and coincidentally, ALL in Arizona for some reason, are certain areas of the Grand Canyon, Sunset Crater, and the 50,000 year old meteorite impact site known as Meteor Crater.

Smaller versions can be caught on camera these Vortexes can appear as long streaks of light that are usually solid. These are similar to Streaks but are thought to be an orb moving at a very high speed, thus appearing as a solid white line. Many pictures show this streak of light reversing its course and going back the way it came.. A camera strap around the wrist can easily make its way in front of the lens. When the flash hits it, no matter what color the strap is, it gets bleached white. Be careful when taking pictures.


These streaks appear yellow or blue in color, and look very much like bolts of lightning. They appear to be short, about 1 to 3 meters in length, and sometimes light up the surrounding area within a foot or two. These have been photographed but as far as I know, no one has actually witnessed one. Through photography experiments, we have determined that the vast majority of these types are not ghosts, or a paranormal phenomenon at all. They are a product of a long exposure/slow shutter speed. How-ever, when you have streaks in the picture going in different directions and the remainder of the image is solid and not blurred that theory is a no go.


Some Groups are based solely on the Scientific route, while others incorporate metaphysical items in thier investigations and for protection everyday. I personally use Crystals and Stones along with Catholic/Christian items during investigations and in my daily life. Working in a Hospital there have been times that I have had attachments/run ins with entities, but since I have started to wear my protection pouches, I have not had any issues. Below you will find some information that you may find useful.

Color & Symbolism of Crystals and Gemstones

Red – protection and energy
Pink – love
Orange – gentler than red – protection and energy
Yellow – communication and intelligence
Green – fertility, abundance and luck
Blue – healing and peacefulness
Indigo – Courage, protection, money and luck
Violet – deep healing and psychic powers
White – protection and the White Light of God
Black – absorbs and banishes evil

The following are just some ways to take care of your Crystals and Stones, there are many other ways thatyou will come across as one delves deeper in this aspect of Paranormal Research.

Cleansing, Repairing / Recharging Crystals and Stones

To cleanse your crystals and stones of negative energy, you need to use one or a combination of the four elements of nature.

Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. How ever care must be used as some crystals/stones can be damaged in water and or sunlight. First I will list some of these then I will instruct you on the care of your crystals and stones.

Cleansing with Intention

The fist requirement of crystal cleansing is the power of intention, or thought visualiation. This can be achieved by undergoing a crystal cleansing meditation, such as visualising a stream or waterfall that cleanses the healing crystal in your mind.

Elements of Cleansing

The easiest way to cleanse is with your breath. Blow on your crystals/stones while envisioning the negative energy held by them is being carried away with your breath.

Cleansing Crystals with Sound:
Purify crystals with the resonating sound of a bell. This is a good method for multiple crystal cleansing, although the process is more effective if purifying one stone at a time. Toning with the voice is an alternative form of sound cleansing, as different notes resonate with different crystals

Salt Water: Soak in sea water or if not available use a mixture of 1 cup sea salt and 2 cups spring water in a glass or earthen bowl. First let the bowl of water sit in the sun for at least four hours to energize it. Submerge your crystals/stones in water for a minimum of 8 hours, then rinse well under running water and let dry in the sun for 8 hours or if Lunar Stones/Crystals then place on window ledge overnight, preferably in a window not facing east so as not to catch the morning sun. (Caution: this can remove polish from your crystal/stones and pit some.)

Running Water: If you live near a running spring or river you can place your crystals/stones in a mesh bag and place in the moving part of the river or stream for at least four hours. (Note: this also re-energizes the crystals/stones).

Stones that will be damaged by soaking

Any Porous Stone such as but no limited to: Opal, Lapis, or Coral

Candle Flame Cleansing: Crystals can be cleansed with fire by carefully passing them through a candle flame. If the crystal is to be used on a particular chakra, burn a candle in the corresponding colour. Never leave burning candles unattended.

Smudging: Burn incense such as White Sage, Sweetgrass, Frankencense, Dragons Blood or wood such as Sandalwood, or Cedar. Pass the stones/crystals through the smoke for 20-30 seconds while envisioning the smoke taking away any negative impurities.

Sun Light:Place them in warm sunlight for minimum of four hours

Stones damaged by sunlight and it’s effects on the stones/crystals

Amethyst:becomes paler
Apatite: pink variety fades
Aquamarine: becomes paler
Beryl: brown or orange types may change to pale pink
Celestite: fades in direct sunlight
Danubrite: Fades
Fluorite: green and purple types change color
Rose Quartz: becomes paler
Kunzite: becomes pale or loses color
Sapphire: should be cleansed in moonlight

Moon Light:Place overnight on a window ledge overnight avoiding any window that receives the morning sun.


Dirt: Place crystals/stones in a clean cloth and bury them in moist soil for 24 hours.

Sand: Bury in moist sand with no wrapping (Note: This may remove polish from stones/crystals).

Sea Salt:Bury in sea salt over night.

Cluster Method: Place stones/crystals on a slab or large crystal overnight. Preferably use Amethyst as it is believed that it changes lower energies to higher frequencies of the ethereal and spiritual aspects, therefore transforming what ever is placed on it.

Combination of all elements
Wiccan author Scott Cunningham explains in his book Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic, (ISBN: 0-87542-126-1), that there are ritualistic ways of cleansing crystals. He suggests doing this during the day. An altar or table can be used.

Fill a bowl with fresh water and place it to the West. Put a lit red candle to the South, smoking incense to the East and a container of fresh dug earth to the North. They represent the Four Elements, water, fire, air and earth and their corresponding directions. Put the crystals in the center of these items.


Place a crystal in the earth and cover and say words like, “I cleanse you with earth.” Allow it to stay there for a few moments and visualize the earth absorbing impurities. Remove the crystal, brush off the earth, then wave it back and forth in the smoke. This cleanses it with air. Visualize the smoke cleansing disturbing energies. Put the crystal through the candle flame several times and visualize the flame burning away negativity. Put the crystal in the water and visualize the water cleansing it. Dry the stone with a clean cloth and feel its energy in your receptive hand. If you are right handed, it is the left hand and vice versa. You can feel if it is totally cleansed. If not, repeat the process.

Charging your Crystals/Stones…

 Below are a few ways in which one can Charge or Energize your Crystals/Stones

After Cleansing:
Hold the stone in your projective hand, right if you are right-handed and vice versa. Feel that which is what you desire. Feel the emotion of desire and the need. Imagine it a ray of energy that is the color of what you want. Project into the crystal. Some crystals will vibrate. Others do not. Once you feel the stone is charged, in order to use the energy, hold the stone in your receptive hand and feel the energy pouring into your body. You can put it in a special place or carry it in your receptive pocket in order to feel the energy when needed.


Hold the stone in the dominant hand while it is being charged. A left handed person would hold the stone in the left hand while it is being charged, while a right handed person would hold the stone in the right hand while it is being charged. Visualize the stone being filled up with healing energy while reciting this charm three times.

This wonderful stone is a precious gift
From our great and powerful mother earth
May this stone be imbued with energies of old
So it may be used for healing and giving one’s spirit a lift.

When you have finished “charging” your crystal, some say that it is advisable to ground yourself, to discharge excess energy. They should now be energized with the attribute you intended. If you’ve found that during the process your lack of concentration or distractions have diverted your attentions, it would be wise to go back to the cleaning process and start over at a better time. Negative energies can just as easily be accepted into the stone as positive energies.

Talking Boards, aka: Ouija Boards. A Paranormal Danger



First, A brief history…

Devices for divination have been used for millenia,

The ancient Greeks in the 5th Century BC used a device that would point to symbols on a wall which would inturn be interpreted as to thier meaning.

In the 3rd Century BC the Romans used a device consisting of a table with wheels that would move and spell out its answer. It was used to find lost objects or persons, and also to communicate with the afterworld.

The Chinese also had similar devices. along with the American Indians and many other cultures.

The rise in the Spiritualist movement saw the beginings of modern day board that was developed in Europe during the 1850’s with the use of a planchette (little plank) consisting of a small peice of wood shaped like a heart or triangle with three legs one of which was made out of a pencil, this would then be placed over a blank sheet of paper where either pictures or words would be drawn.

The “OUIJA”  board as we know it today was patented in the U.S. in the early 1900’s. in order to recieve this patent the board had to be demonstrated which they certified that it did work as promised.

Many people are misinformed when it comes to how the Board got its name…The general belief  is that name “OUIJA” come from a combination of the french word for yes “Oui”, and the German word for yes, “JA”.  However,  according to one of the original creators of the board he stated that during a seance being held with his sister who was a well known medium,  the Board named itself when asked what it should be called, and when they asked what Ouija meant it spelled out “Good Luck” and stopped answering questions.




We here at CSPAR do not condone and are strongly against the use of Ouija Boards.


Lay people do not know the danger they face when dealing with the paranormal, even innocently. By doing such they open themselves up to many spiritual dangers that normally would never occur,  Such has been linked to the Ouija board: like Demonic Oppression that can lead to Possession.

Many Paranormal Researchers and Demonologists say the Ouija Board opens the door or portal that can be used by negative entities (both human and inhuman).  and continued use of  the Ouija board has led to a deeper involvement and bondage in the occult for many.

The Entities that come through, will at forst seem to be benevolent, giving what appears to be good advice, pretending to be the spirit of the loved one you have tried to reach or someone  harmless, in time it will turn and at that time it will be too late and you will be at its mercy.

Many in the paranormal field believe that the board itself is not dangerous but is that act of inviting harmful entities into your home and life that is inherantly dangerous.  We at CSPAR believe that this is true up to the point that the board was used to summon the entity then it becomes a portal or doorway  that the  negative entity (Note:  we say negative entity as these are not always demonic but can be a negative human spirit) attaches to, therefore in it self becomes dangerous.



Demonic Possession and The Ouija Board


One famous  and well documented case of the progression of possession by someone became known as the “Seth Material”. Jane Roberts originally used a board to contact a spirit, this rapidly progressedto automatic writings and then into trance mediumship during which “Seth” used Roberts vocal cords to speak from 1963 til her death in 1984. Other well know cases were Pearl Curran (Patience Worth) in 1913 and Strewart and Betty White from 1919 til 1936 where Betty after intial contact thru a board with a group of incarnate spirits calling themselves “the Invisibles” began automatic writings then progressed to trance mediumship and used her vocal cords to communicate.

Several of our team were involved in a case in a city located in North  San Diego County, Ca. while we were with the group SOCALPRS. It involved a pregnant young woman whose boyfriend had recently passed away of a drug overdose.  For some inexplicable reason, this girl felt the unquenching need to find a Ouija Board to communicate with her deceased loved one. When she finally found a board and tried to make contact and entity which came through stated that it was a demon, but a good one that was looking out for her against other demons that were responsible for her boyfriends death and wanted to do her harm.  SOCALPRS was called in after her personality began to change and events became to much for her devoutly Jewish Grandmother to ignore. The Board was removed from the premises as were personal videos that the girl had taken from the boyfriends property and were disposed of in a safe manner ( we will discuss how disposal is done further on) by the groups founder.


Another Phenomena is an entity commonly known as ZOZO….

This entity has been reported world wide since the mid 1800’s It goes by many names such as; Zozo, Zoso, ZuZu, Zu, Zo, and other Z worded names. It often starts off by claiming its another spirit, many times using the name Lily, or trying to act friendly or nice. or he is outright hostile, terrifying the poor souls unlucky enough to encounter him. More often then not, Zozo quickly becomes violent, using profanity, and takes complete control of the board. For many, this is not the end of it however. No matter how many boards they use, Zozo comes back. And soon it doesn’t end with the board. Many report hauntings by Zozo, some claim possession, and others claim harassment. It often carries a very common theme.

Many have asked Zozo questions on his origins. On most occasions, after revealing himself as Zozo, he will not deny what he is. He will outright tell you he is a Demon from hell, even once claiming to be Satan himself or his son.  Although this last part was probably one of his many scare tactics, there is much evidence of ancient entities in ancient Africa, medieval Europe, and Christianity for a demon named Zozo, which in English translates to “the destroyer.” Zozo has even been known to communicate in Aramaic and Hebrew. It willat times quote bible verses, It is known to react severely negatively to anything about God or Jesus Christ, even relinquishing his grip on his victims when being commanded in a Christian fashion on occasion 


Closing Down of  The Ouija Board


This is extremely important! The board MUST be closed down properly at the end of each and every séance. Start by thanking the spirits for coming forward and talking with you. Wish them peace and say Goodbye. The spirit should move the planchette to GOODBYE and you may pack up the board.

If the spirit does not move the planchette to GOODBYE, then tell the spirit that you are saying goodbye and that you ask they do the same. If the spirit STILL refuses to leave, then you must move the planchette to GOODBYE and in a stern strong voice say GOODBYE and LEAVE out loud. Remove your fingers from the planchette. If you feel that is not enough you can also slam the planchette down on a hard surface (obviously take care not to break it!) or pass it through a candle flame if it is not made of flammable material.

As a safety measure one should also close any portals that may be open due to the use of the board

Closing a Portal

Whenever possible, you should be in front of the portal while performing a portal closing. If it is not possible, then you should use an image that represents the portal. Treat the image as if it were the portal itself. This image can be a hand-drawing, or an actual photo of the location of the portal. You can also use an object that represents the portal; a small box, or some glued together popsicle sticks. It doesn’t really matter what you use to represent the portal in absence of being in front of the actual portal itself as long as what you use you treat as if it is the portal itself. If using a representation of the portal, make sure it is something that can be burned. This will help to seal the portal when you are finished.

Salt. You will need salt. Stand in a circle of salt to perform ritual. You will also need the salt for throwing at the portal (or representation of the portal) during appropriate times in the spell. Such as when you are commanding it cleansed and closed, etc.

Candles. Candles should be lining your circle as well as a path to the portal. This is your path of energy that may not be penetrated by any other entity that you have not chosen to pass through. Candles will be lit upon casing your circle. Use whichever colors you are drawn to for this; go with what feels right.

Incense is recommended. Something that suits banishing, and or calming. If you are unsure what to use, just use what feels right at the time. We recommend Sage, Dragons Blood, or a Banishment mixture for a cleansing.

You are going to want to call upon all of the elements for this as well as whichever Gods or Goddesses that you work with. . Go with your beliefs because it is your beliefs that will help you. These will be called when casting your circle.

DO NOT use crystals for this because whatever is through that portal may attach itself to the crystals. If you are banishing negative entities, you should never ever use crystals or stones as the entity can be trapped within the stone or crystal; that can be very dangerous for anyone in possession of that stone or crystal if that should happen. So take off any jewelry that contains crystals and stones and remove them from the area before beginning.

You will want to write the command ahead of time, making sure to use phrases such as “Away”, and “I command you”, and “I order you closed”, etc. Pick your own words that fit, but make sure they are commands that cannot be overpowered. Write it in a way that is easy to recite, and your intent is clear. You will need to recite your command multiple times as you bind and throw your salt.

(Strange stuff might happen, so beware.) 

Don’t be surprised if stuff starts flying around the room or you hear strange noises.Remain in control no matter what happens.

Make it known that only YOU have the power to open this portal and use it and it will remain closed until such time as you see fit to open it, if ever.

If demons or negative entities are involved: Target the banishment of any demons in the spell so that they can never come through even if it is opened again. Also, if you have specific negative entities or demons that you are dealing with alongside this portal, you may want to bind them before banishing them. Use their name (if they have given you one); you always want to use their name when banishing them if you can. While doing so, do not show any fear, these types of entities feed on your fear. Your fear gives them power; so no fear means no power for them and all the power for you.

If there are no entities involved in the closing of the portal that need to be dealt with, then you can leave out the above step.

Once you have gone through the ritual (as many times in a row as needed), you should feel the portal close.

If using a representation of the portal, this is the time to burn it (DO NOT BURN THE OUIJA BOARD).  Speak words of the closing and “never to open again” or “you are now sealed forever”, etc. to close the portal once and for all.  Dispose of the ashes. Sweep up the salt and dispose of it. I suggest spreading the cast sat outside as if it is ashes to disperse the energy that has been “cleansed”. You can say a little something as you dispose of it to ensure that whatever is contained within it is all gone.



Proper Disposal of  The Ouija Board


First and foremost, insure that the board has been properly closed down…Then you will need to bury it. The back yard is fine, but away from your property is better,  how-ever,  consecrated ground is best.  Unfortunately, consecrated usually means a cemetery and that is illegal so make due with the yard. Pour holy water or salt over it before you bury it. Blessed sea salt is the best, but table salt will do in a pinch. Salt is a powerful binder of energy and will work on any possessed item. You can also use the salt and  Holy Water and then throw it in a body of water. (We recommend covering the board with salt and sprinkled Holy Water in a container for several days prior to disposal). Also very important is that the planchette is wrapped up so that it can not come in direct contact with the board.

Warning, Some say to break the board into seven pieces and burn the pieces then bury its ashes, This seems to provoke the  entity that is attached to it and can bring dire consequences, Others say to throw it away or sell it to someone, the same applies.










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